Disney movies are now available in 4K on Apple’s iTunes store

After years of being available at a maximum video quality of 1080p on Apple’s iTunes Store, Disney films can now be rented and purchased in 4K video quality. 9to5Mac noticed the change, which applies to several countries including the US. Disney, Marvel, and Pixar content is all included — though not every movie seems to have made the switch to 4K just yet. According to this Reddit thread, the Star Wars saga and several Marvel flicks (plus some animated classics like Aladdin) already have.

Disney’s films have been offered in 4K on other platforms including Vudu, and if you purchased them there, you should now see that 4K quality carry over to Apple devices thanks to Movies Anywhere. Likewise, if you now buy a Disney title in 4K on iTunes, you should get that version on at least some other apps that support Movies Anywhere.

Aside from the uptick in resolution, many Disney movies on iTunes now also offer Dolby Vision HDR and Atmos surround sound. That puts the experience of renting or buying them from Apple on par with streaming those films through Disney Plus, which has offered a large collection of Disney / Marvel / Pixar movies in 4K HDR since launching last year.

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