Everything From Watch Dogs: Legion to Just Dance 2021 Is Under $30 for My Best Buy Members

Holiday 2020Holiday 2020Whether you’re celebrating with your loved ones in person or from a distance, The Inventory staff is dedicated to spreading holiday cheer with the top gifts to ring in the season—and maybe a few good deals to snatch up for yourself. It’s okay, your secret’s safe with us.

Gaming Under $30 | My Best Buy
Gaming Under $20 | My Best Buy

Are you a My Best Buy member? If you have an account on BestBuy.com, the answer is probably yes. Until logging in this morning, I didn’t realize I was a My Best Buy member, and now that I know the truth, it’s time to buy some video games at steep discounts. Best Buy is running early Black Friday deals exclusive to anyone enrolled in the program, including the recently released Watch Dogs: Legion on PS4 and Xbox, complete with next-gen upgrades for anyone lucky enough to score a PS5 or Xbox Series X. (If anyone has any leads on availability or wants to donate their PS5 order, please DM me.) Whether you’ve slept on the title or simply want to play a version that might perform better than the poorly optimized PC version, now’s your chance to save 50%.


While Watch Dogs: Legion is arguably the most compelling offer in this sale given its newness, Just Dance (XB1, PS4, Switch) Destroy All Humans (XB1, PS4), Saints Row: The Third Remastered (XB1, PS4), Saints Row IV (Switch), Jump Force (PS4, XB1), Assassin’s Creed: The Rebel Collection (Switch), Blair Witch (XB1, PS4), The Wonderful 101 (PS4, Switch), Blair Witch (XB1, PS4), and a fuckton of amiibo are on sale, as well as plenty more games at various prices, all of which are under $30. Check some things off your holiday shopping list ahead of time this year—with shipping delays abound due to COVID-related fulfillment constraints, putting in your video game orders for little Johnny (or Big Adult John) now is the best way to ensure it arrives on cue.


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