OnePlus 8T Gaudi color-changing phone unveiled – CNET

The OnePlus 8T Gaudi color shifts between gray and blue.


OnePlus has announced another model of the 8T, this time revealing a color-changing phone. Using electronic color, material and finish, or ECMF, technology, the OnePlus 8T concept phone shifts between dark blue and light silver when the metal oxide inside the glass casing activates.

It’s been tied into the phone’s mmWave radar, so that when it receives a 5G signal, the phone changes color. 

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The OnePlus 8T Gaudi was created by a new art-based OnePlus studio with designers in New York, India, Shenzhen and Taipei.

OnePlus says ECMF could be used in the future to make a phone flash colors for an incoming call, as well as a breathing monitor, with the phone changing colors to register a user’s breathing.

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