The Apple Car apparently isn’t dead, report says – Roadshow

What in the world is Apple up to?

Angela Lang/CNET

The Apple Car is, reportedly, alive and well within the halls of Cupertino, California. Not only that, the ambitious project is supposedly far ahead of schedule. That’s the word from a Taiwanese report in the Economic Daily News, published Monday.

The report cites unnamed sources that said suppliers will start to ramp up production of components for the famed (or infamous) Apple Car in the second quarter of 2021 and noted the project is running a couple years ahead of schedule. If you missed the Apple Car hoopla in the past, the technology giant was rumored to be close to revealing a prototype car last decade before the project was sent to shelf life. Instead, Apple decided to focus on self-driving car software and left the hardware portion of things to other companies.

But, bit by bit, we’ve also seen evidence Apple may still want to dabble with a physical car in the form of many patent applications for physical automotive components. Just because a company files a patent application doesn’t mean it’ll go through with it, but still, it gives us an idea where engineers’ heads are at, at a minimum.

For now, we definitely need to take the Taiwanese report with a heaping dose of salt. Apple did not immediately return Roadshow’s request for comment on the information, and we know the company holds onto its secrets tightly. And who knows, the “Apple Car” may end up not being a physical thing at all. Perhaps it will be a comprehensive suite of artificial intelligence and software to “run” a self-driving car. Just like Apple has slowly started to invade infotainment systems with CarPlay, it’s not implausible the tech giant literally steers future robocars in the distant future.

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