Tuesday’s Best Deals: Watch Dogs Legion, 20% off Ulta Beauty, LEGO Wonder Woman 84, Just Dance 2021, Non-Stick Frying Pans, Razer Kraken Headset, and More

Watch Dogs: Legion and an Ulta Beauty sale lead Tuesday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: Walmart+ (15 Days) | Free | Walmart

Did you know that Walmart+ members also save at the pump? Chloe Slaven signed up for Walmart+ because she wanted contactless delivery during COVID, but ended up investing in a year-long membership. Walmart+ consistently offered her same day and next day delivery options. She didn’t, however, realize that she could save at the pump too. “I haven’t,” she said. “But I actually only learned about it this week and plan to use [it] the next time I need fuel.”

A Walmart+ membership saves you 5 cents per gallon at Walmart and Murphy stations and gives you access to member pricing at Sam’s Club fuel stations as well. Who doesn’t love saving money when fueling up?

Sign up for Walmart+ today, and start saving right away.

If you want to hear about a good deal on earbuds, listen up! Amazon currently has Sennheiser’s Momentum earbuds for $100. That’s $200 off the original price, which is music to my ears. Here’s the basic feature rundown. These are wireless Bluetooth buds that come with their own charging case, which add two extra charges to the buds. That brings the battery life up from four hours to 12. They have touch controls, so you can control music and calls with a tap of your finger. It’s a pretty complete feature set for a heavily discounted price, so consider shoving these in your ears if you’re in the market for a new pair.

True wireless earbuds aren’t a niche category anymore. If the Apple-exclusive AirPods are off the table, and you’d rather not get a cheap AirPods knockoff on Amazon, the Jabra Elite Active 75t earbuds are a great alternative. Their sound quality is among the best in the category, and they’ve got enough battery life to keep your tunes playing all day thanks to the included charging case. They’re also IP57 waterproof, so they should be able to handle a splash or two without much trouble.

Typically, they’ll run you $200, but a pair is only $150 at Best Buy right now, so you can finally walk around the house without worrying about your headphones snagging on something anymore.

At some point, the speakers on your laptop or phone may not cut it any more. You can’t really carry your laptop around the house while you do your chores, for instance, and its speakers are no match for your neighbor’s lawnmower in the middle of a company meeting. If you’ve ruled out a pair of headphones, you can always try out a good Bluetooth speaker for carrying a tune. Right now, Anker’s got a few on sale at Best Buy.

You can get the Soundcore Flare 2 for $20 off, bringing it down to $50. For that, you’ll get an IP67 waterproof speaker with beat-syncing lights, and six lighting modes.

If your needs are more work-focused, Anker’s Powerconference speaker is down to $100 from $130, and comes with six microphones for full-room coverage, so you can feel like a hotshot and pace around your living room during your next brainstorm session.

Are you the friend constantly asking if anyone has a charger? Or pre-pandemic were you asking bartenders if you could plug your phone in somewhere? The second option is probably not on the table now so what better way to solve the problem than by grabbing these two Power Banks for $20.

I’ve had Mophie products before and really like them. This two-pack is a great value so whether it’s you who needs these or a friend no one should be without power again. I personally like to have one at all times so having two means I can swap out each day. Have one charging while the other is out and about with me. Lightweight and is available in four color options (pink, navy, grey, and black) you’ll get up to 34 hours of extra power on the go. Charge up with a lightning cable and a USB-C port. You and can juice up a phone and/or a tablet or wireless headphones at the same time if need be. This pack comes with two guide books so if you are gifting one the recipient won’t be without a manual.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on Meh before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

You really shouldn’t be traveling. Like, that’s the best way to catch and spread the ‘Rona during the panoramic. But if you’re already planning on going on trips after you get vaccinated like the rest of modern society, you should check out the Aukey Travel Adapter. It’s 2300W with 18W PD and can instantly transform into American, European, or Asian outlets with the flick of your fingers. You’ll also be able to plug in your USB-C cord for faster charging. It’s only $16 with the code EUZ2HPWH and a clipped coupon.

Again, don’t travel, but if you absolutely have to, do it smartly and quarantine once you get there.

If ever you’ve found yourself forgetting to charge your devices for the day, and wished you had a power bank to put in your bag, this is the one for you. Featuring a huge 10,000mAh battery, the Anker Power Bank can charge a Samsung Galaxy S20 2.5 times, alongside an iPad 1.3 times.

Just clip the $2 off coupon below the price to get your discount!

This deal was originally published by Daryl Baxter in November 2020, and was updated by Elizabeth Lanier with new information on 12/20/20.

You know that you’re going to probably need batteries for something. Be prepared with this 48-pack of NANFU Long-Lasting AA Alkaline Batteries for just $13. You’ll get 50% when you add them to your cart and apply code T5E7S287 at checkout.

Whether for toys, or controllers, or to get your fire alarm to stop chirping, it’s always better to have batteries than to need them.

Grab them while you can for a discount! The code T5E7S287 is only good through the end of December. UPDATE: These batteries are technically out of stock right now, but you can still get the discount applied and they will be shipped when available.

On the hunt for a versatile laptop option? You can snag a great deal on an HP Envy convertible laptop with a promo code right now.

To get the boosted model of the 15.6-inch Hp Envy x360 Convertible laptop for a discounted $569, follow the steps below.

1. Add laptop to your cart
2. Upgrade RAM to 16 GB DDR4 memory for $40
3. Upgrade Intel® Wi-Fi 6 AX 200 (2×2) and Bluetooth® 5 combo (Supporting Gigabit file transfer speeds) for $10
4. Add promo code WINTRSAV5 at checkout that will bring total to $617 + tax

This laptop comes with an AMD Ryzen 5 processor, a 256 GB solid-state drive, and even an HP Active Pen for drawing within certain programs! You really can’t beat all of that for $569.

To get the smaller 13.3-inch convertible laptop model from HP for $855, just add it to your cart and don’t forget to add promo code WINTRSAV5 at checkout!

This model includes an AMD Ryzen 7 processor, AMD Radeon graphics 16 GB memory, and a 512 GB solid-state drive.

As I said in my wireless earbud roundup, Sony WF-1000XM3’s have amazing sound quality and are just $158, which is $72 lower than the original list price. But if you’re not convinced, here’s a rundown:

“All in all, the half-hour I spent really was worth it. The sound was so crisp. The mids were truly mid and the bass was banging. I could hear all the richness in Whitney Houston’s voice when I listened to “I Have Nothing” one time for the one time. The coolest thing about these is you can control the ambient sound by tapping the left earphone once and activate noise-canceling with two taps. You can also pause and skip songs by tapping on the right headphone.”

What are you waiting for? Grab a pair before they’re gone!

It’s no secret: I love Marshall. Every product I’ve had from them I’ve fallen in love with and I’ve had many. The Uxbridge Smart Speaker is no different. Take $50 off of today at Best Buy.

I’ve had to pleasure of playing with this one during the lockdown and it’s now my go-to smart speaker. What I really like is through the Marshall app I can control how everything sounds with the fine-tuning feature. You can also do this with the rocker buttons on the top panel which is absolutely sleek and aesthetically gorgeous. But Marshall is known for really chic and cool looking speakers, the design is important to them and it shows. I’ve put it in my kitchen and both my roommate and I use it and all it’s Amazon Alexa features, especially while cooking. Alexa can even hear us in the dining room so the far-field microphone really does the job. It did take me a little bit of time to get it to connect properly but I’m not sure if it was my WiFi or just me having ‘user error,’ but once I was locked in it’s been perfect.

This item ships for free.

The one thing I can say about Ubisoft games is that, for better or worse, you always know exactly what you’re in for. This could not be more true of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion, both of which are now on sale for $71 as part of a bundle deal straight from the Microsoft Store. Seeing as it would cost $75 to buy them separately at the current discounted rate, that only saves you about 5%. Still, at full price, the pack is $110, so if you were already planning on swiping up the digital duo for Xbox One or Xbox Series X|S, do it before the deal runs out.

Because I’ve poured time into both of these games, I’m speaking from experience when I say you can count on the same shtick as the two Watch Dogs games and countless Assassin’s Creed titles that came before them. A little bit of stealth here, some watered down RPG elements there, and a whole bunch of hand-holding quests may sound trite, and to an extent it is, but if you don’t have the patience to learn a whole new set of rules and mechanics, veterans of either series will catch on fast.

Valhalla, my favorite of the two, is especially a treat. While the gameplay hasn’t changed a whole lot since Odyssey came out in 2018, the story is a lot more focused without restraining the scope of its open-world maps, which there are a few of. Since I wasn’t all that interested in vikings going in, I didn’t expect it to resonate with me as much as entries from more familiar periods like the Ezio trilogy, Syndicate, and even Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Although I’m currently stuck playing Cyberpunk 2077, you can bet as soon as I wrap up the main story I’m time traveling back to building up my settlement in Valhalla.

Many understandably jumped at the chance to play Final Fantasy VII Remake the day it came out, and I’d say they got their money’s worth then. If you’ve been holding out and Ghost of Tsushima or Assassin’s Creed Valhalla haven’t completely eaten up your gaming hours, it’s time to reunite with Cloud and the gang on PlayStation 4. Now you can do it for only $30 at your choice of retailer, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

This decades-in-the-making reemergence doesn‘t embody the full Final Fantasy VII experience you remember from childhood, but it reintroduces us to a classic story featuring unforgettable characters with modern visuals and gameplay. Part II of this episodic journey is in the works, too, so you’ll want to get caught up in case it miraculously drops within the next couple of years.

It may seem like only yesterday that Ubisoft released Watch Dogs: Legion. And yet, here we are several months later with the game’s price finally getting lower. Wait, what’s that? Watch Dogs: Legion came out just weeks ago?

I’m not really sure what’s going on here, but the open world game’s price has been all over the place since releasing in late October and early November on various platforms, and now it’s half-off on all consoles at Amazon. Some of these versions will even arrive before Christmas, at least as of this writing, or you can go digital on Xbox and get a code right away.

Ubisoft has been on a roll when it comes to software this fall, releasing huge open world games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Watch Dogs: Legion. Of course, those games pale in comparison to Ubisoft’s true killer app: Just Dance. The rhythm series is still chugging along with annual installments, turning family living rooms into dance floors.

The latest installment, Just Dance 2021, quietly released last month as the gaming world was distracted by the PlayStation 5 launch. Today, Amazon shoppers can pick it up on Switch, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One for just $30. If nothing else, it’s a good excuse to introduce your family to Lizzo and force them to dance along to “Juice.”

It’s Wonder Woman week! I can’t be the only one that’s super excited to see Wonder Woman ‘84 on Christmas? That’s ok, I know I’m not. LEGO continues its awesome interpretations of our favorite comic book heroes with this kit straight from Diana’s new flick. Save 20% off this set and bring a little bit of girl power and Themyscira to your abode.

In this incredibly detailed replication of Diana and Barara’s fight scene, you get minifigures of each plus Pedro Pascal’s Maxwell Lord. This two-sided model scales down a high-tech bunker and a revolving transmitter tower. Here we have a winged Wonder Woman and Dr. Minerva in her Cheetah form. The transmitter tower rotates and even moves up and down. This set measures seven inches high and six inches wide but that won’t limit the imagination of any lover of Ms. Prince. This LEGO set is recommended for those eight and up because of all the small parts but a great gift for any DC fan or collector none the less.

One day shipping and guaranteed to arrive before the holiday.

These days, gaming is serious business. For those who play competitively, a decent pair of headphones can be the difference between chicken dinner and soul-crushing loss. Designed with esports athletes—or ethletes as I’ll call them from here on out because it’s hilarious to say—in mind, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition (Amazon, Best Buy) is a budget-friendly PC gaming headset with most of the frills you’d get from something higher-end like the SteelSeries Arctis Pro. While it may not have the “wow” factor when it comes to sound quality, it is nevertheless impressive for the price, thanks to its 7.1 surround sound made possible by Razer’s acquisition of THX a few years back.

Beyond that, the Razer Tournament Edition comes with a retractable “noise-canceling” mic, gel cushions, and a volume control wheel as well as a mic mute switch by way of a USB audio enhancement DAC, letting you change settings on the fly without interrupting your gaming sesh. 50mm drivers in each can means the soundstage is pretty damn sizable, depriving you not of explosive effects during big action set pieces and all-out combat warfare. For a limited time, the Razer Kraken Tournament Edition is on sale on Amazon and at Best Buy for $55 in both black and lime green colorways. Because Amazon estimates a ship date no earlier than January 17, I’d go with Best Buy personally since that’ll get it to you as soon as tomorrow.

In addition to PC, the Razer Kraken Tournament is also compatible with PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, mobile, and virtually any other platform that supports USB or 3.5mm accessories.

I had zero idea Funko was in the board game business. But here we are. Looking at the packaging it’s beautifully designed. The retro vibe comes from the fact that you’re playing through 1960s Tokyo in this Godzilla Tokyo Clash Board Game. Today save 25% on it and live out all your “strange creature” fantasies.

As a kid, I loved Rodan because I’d watch the then Sci-Fi Channel Saturday mornings when the ran old Godzilla flicks. So obviously my major gripe with this game is the lack of a pterodactyl-like monster. But you can play as the other famous kaiju: Godzilla, Mothra, King Ghidorah, or Megalon. They each come as an awesome miniature to stomp around the board. You’ll be battling your friend to become the ultimate monster ruler by strategizing to gain more energy by destroying select targets on the board. Your kaiju will need to take the others out before the people of Earth deploys game ending weapon to destroy you all. Recommended for ages ten and up for two to four players. The game takes about forty-five minutes, so it’s not a long campaign but definitely fun enough to get a few sessions in on a killer game night with friends or family. I’m interested to see what Funko does in this gaming space in the future.

Prime members get free one-day shipping.

With over 70 tracks and a huge list of cars, Dirt 5 is designed as a dream game for rally racing fanatics. A star-studded campaign has you climbing the ladder to solidify your status as the offroading champion of the world, while an all new Playgrounds mode fosters creativity with user-created tracks and racing arenas.

Even though it just came out last month, you can already save $20 on the game at Amazon, whether you want the PlayStation 5, Xbox (Series X/S and One), or PlayStation 4 version.

Feeling nostalgic? You can feed that 16-bit void in your heart with a Sega Genesis Mini, a reincarnation of the classic console that helped save the gaming industry. For $50, it comes with 42 games, including crowd favorites like Sonic, Mega Man, Ecco the Dolphin, Earthworm Jim, Shinobi III, Street Fighter 2, Toe Jam & Earl, Altered Beast, Gunstar Heroes … need I go on?

This isn’t the lowest price we’ve seen on the Genesis Mini to date, but if you missed out on previous deals, this bargain is plenty appealing.

Been waiting for the right moment to grab Assassin’s Creed Valhalla? Today might be the perfect time. Amazon currently has the game down as low as $40 (depending on version), which is the lowest price we’ve seen it yet since its launch one month ago. It’s been a very busy month considering all the hubbub with new consoles and now Cyberpunk 2077, but Valhalla is definitely worth checking out. The latest installment of the Assassin’s Creed series casts you in the role of a Eivor, a ruthless Viking who’s all about chopping heads off. Seriously, you will chop like a thousand heads off in this game. It’s a lot of heads. If that sounds exciting, then this is the game for you.

It’s time to get back into Pokémon cards in a big way. Amazon is currently running a buy one, get one 50% off sale on Pokémon card V boxes, which is a perfect way to get back into the trading card game. The sets come with four packs of cards, a foil card, and one big oversized card. Plus, you’ll get a code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online. Amazon has three boxes to choose from, which feature Polteageist, Copperajah, and Orbeetle. Pick your two favorites of the litter and get ready to dive into some 90’s nostalgia. Or, if you’re a diehard who never stopped playing, add a whole mess of new cards to your collection.

Gears 5 | $5 | Best Buy

Gears 5 | $5 | Best Buy
Screenshot: Microsoft

In perhaps the most fitting price-to-title match ever, Gears 5 is currently $5. For those that base their game buying decisions on a price/content ratio, that’s $1 per gear. Perfect value. Frankly, $5 is a genuine steal for this game. Gears 5 is an excellent installment of the long-running Gears of War series that’s jam-packed with memorable action and a memorable lead character. It also has characters that are just too large. The biggest human beings you’ll ever see. What’s fun about the Gears series is that it’s a game about very big people being sad. It’s a big melodrama that’s almost a parody of soap operas. Gears is basically wrestling, but for video games. You love to see it.

I hope you’re ready for a good cry, because Ori and the Will of the Wisps is $13 right now. Okay, that’s not the part that’s going to make you cry, unless you just love deals a lot. The game itself is extremely emotional with some genuinely tear-jerking story beats. If you’re not familiar with the original, Ori is a 2D platformer about a little creature frolicking through the woods (there’s a lot more lore than that, but I don’t have the time or space to get into it here). The sequel gives you a precious owl baby and proceeds to tear your heart out of your chest Mortal Kombat style in a quest to protect it. Ori and the Will of the Wisps is a gorgeous and slick platformer with satisfying mobility and a deeply affecting story, so don’t forget it when you put together your 2020 catch-up backlog.

Few minor inconveniences sting more than having to get back up to switch a light after you’ve already gotten cozy. Should you decide to leave that problem in the dust, you’ll want to pick up a couple smart bulbs. Place them into your most-frequently-used sockets and you’ll never have to worry about hopping to your feet to kill the kitchen lights before bed again. Right now, you can get a pack of three Phillips Hue bulbs, which can work with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, for $45 off at Best Buy, bringing the price down to $90.

Clean air is such an important thing now more than ever. This is especially true in smaller spaces. Air purifiers are another in a long list of things we didn’t know we needed until the occasion arose. With bars and restaurants snatching them up more people turned to bringing them into their own homes. I have one can tell it makes a huge difference. Right now save $25 on this one from TaoTronics, just use the code 15KINJADES2.

Air purifiers can help with a myriad of issues like pollen, dust, and especially pet dander. I live with two very furry dogs and the change in the living room has been substantial. The air seems much crisper. This TaoTronics purifier has three speeds and is whisper quiet. You’ll hardly know it’s there. The 3-stage H13 true HEPA filter is easy to clean and is washable. It has five layers and traps up to 99.97% of particles that are floating about in the air. You’ll get real-time updates on the quality of the air in whatever room you have it in. This helps you better understand what setting you’ll need. It’ll also tell you when the filter needs to be changed so no guessing there also. But you should be replacing filters between three and six months. This is a simple solution to a very common problem. Your family and lungs will thank you for your purchase.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

One of my New Year’s resolutions last year was to cook more meals at home. Who knew that the wish I made at the top of 2020 would result in a worldwide pandemic, grossly mishandled by the United States, leaving me to make amazing food in my house while I socially distance myself from the people I love?

Well! They say the universe works in mysterious ways.

If you also want to cook more at home, I suggest these All-Clad Non-Stick Frying Pans. They’re 40% off their original list price, making them a low $30. They’re non-stick, so you can make eggs, sauteed spinach, and make fried rice as much as you please. And these pans being All-Clad? Well, they’ll definitely last you a while. I even mentioned the brand in my non-stick frying pan round up. Go ahead and buy them—it’s worth the money.

Take it from me, someone who occasionally gets drunk and starts playing the same three chords repeatedly before ultimately putting it back on the wall and watching old NPR Tiny Desk videos of people who don’t suck at guitar: there’s no better time than like the present to learn a musical instrument. And this Ibanez acoustic electric guitar seems like a good place to start for a reasonable price, $300 at Adorama, down 33% from the sticker tag. Because it’s an acoustic electric, the AEG50N comes with a built-on preamp, complete with an LCD tuner, two control knobs, volume, and shape. Hook it up to an amp and annoy your lousy neighbors by putting on your own personal garage show.

The Japanese brand has quite the reputation among musicians. While I wasn’t able to find a review of this exact model, Guitar Society called the similar, albeit analog acoustic, Ibanez AC240’s sound “warm, detailed, and defined” in its roundup of the best Ibanez guitars. Because you’re buying from Adorama, you’ll also get the option of 6-month financing, in case you can’t afford or don’t want to pay upfront. You can purchase extended warranties starting at $69, but considering the manufacturer’s warranty lasts a lifetime, I’m not sure it’s necessary. And yeah, I know it’s actually $300 and not $299 but the headline doesn’t rhyme otherwise. If there’s one thing I know about success in music, it’s the importance of rhyming over literally everything else.

Who doesn’t want a set of colorful knives for your kitchen? If your current knife set is dull and uninspiring, I would grab this $15 Cuisinart 10-piece knife set that is 62% off. It includes a chef knife, slicing knife, serrated bread knife, santoku knife, utility knife, and a pairing knife. It also includes knife covers and comes with a lifetime warranty through Cuisinart. You’ll never be confused about which knife is which again since they’re basically color-coded. Grab this deal before it’s gone!

Two pure aluminum Nordic Ware sheet pans are only $28, down $10 from their original list price of $38. They won’t rust and can give you perfectly browned cookies, salmon, asparagus, and whatever else your heart desires. Grab a set of these classic cookie sheets from a brand you trust, right now. What are you waiting for?

You may have seen Atlas Coffee Club on Forbes, USA Today, Food & Wine, and even CNN, but for the uninitiated, this subscription-based coffee service is giving Kinja Deals readers free shipping on all its offerings using the exclusive promo code KINJAFREESHIPPING. Exclusively for the holidays, you can share the love with friends, family members, and even mortal enemies if you’d like, at no extra cost for shipping. Every 2-4 weeks, you or your loved ones can look forward to half a bag of coffee on your doorstep from a different country around the world each time.

With more than 50 countries now producing coffee for the service—including Brazil, Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Peru—you’ll have plenty of opportunities to refine your taste and sample a bunch of globally curated grounds, or whole beans for those who find satisfaction in grinding their own. Travel the world from the safety of your own home, in coffee form. In a time when sitting on a passenger plane puts yourself and others at risk, consider this a safer alternative to an international expedition.

No one ever said getting in shape was easy, but it can be affordable, as evidenced by this Eufy C1 smart scale deal. For $19 right now, you can start tracking your weight in a healthy way—from the comfort of a Bluetooth-connected smartphone. Just clip the coupon on the page and you’re set for a whopping 42% discount at checkout.

A bespoke companion app breaks down granular metrics including overall weight, percent body fat, BMI, bone mass, muscle mass, and more. While not as accurate as Eufy’s P1 smart scale due to its less exact sensors, its results are equally comprehensive. Plus, one account supports up to 16 users, so even the biggest households can keep tabs on their fitness gains. And if you’re already invested in another app like Apple Health, Google Fit, or Fitbit, you’ll be happy to know that the Eufy C1 smart scale is compatible with all three.

If you still haven’t gotten on the Keurig single cup coffee maker, now’s your chance. At $55, this device is about 57% off the original list price of $130. You can buy tasty K-cups or even buy your own filters and brew some of your specialty ground coffee beans, the choice is up to you. Of course, you can choose the intensity of the coffee and can pick from 4-, 8-, 10-, and 12-ounce cups. This is a great deal, and I would hop on it before it’s gone!

The easiest way to get into the holiday spirit is right under your nose. Grab a Large Christmas Jar from Yankee Candle today and try to make the best of this very weird year. If it’s been hard to get into the swing of St. Nic you aren’t alone. If a tree is a too much work and decorations seem cumbersome maybe a good old fashion candle is the way to go. Scents unlock memory and put our minds and bodies at ease. Take 40% off and open up your olfactory senses to all these Christmas candles have to offer.

There are three great options for the wintery season. Christmas Cookie to fill your home with the delicious aura of vanilla as if sugar cookies are baking in the kitchen, Balsam and Cedar gives off the very essences of walking through a Christmas tree farm, and Sparkling Cinnamon to spice up a night and make it feel like you’re cuddled up by the fire sipping hot apple cider. Each of these will burn for around 120 hours and add the perfect seasonal essence you needed.

A few of these have turned up on the site and I’ve even tested one or two, this one is a fan favorite of MorningSave. These sanitizers can sterilize basically anything you can fit in it them and I’ve just started adding my face mask. Take 58% off this FineLife UV Phone Sanitizer today.

If you’ve never seen or used a sanitizer like this it’s all pretty user-friendly. Do you remember the five-second rule as a kid? Well, this FineLife is governed by the five-minute rule. Yup, in just five minutes your items will be almost 100% free of gross microorganisms. I absolutely recommend using the aromatherapy function. Sometimes these sanitizers can leave your stuff smelling slightly zapped. ::insert shrug emoji:: But anything you can think of will get all-around disinfection in this little pod. Earbuds, toothbrushes, watches, keys, glasses, and jewelry are all ready to be germ-free and keep you safer in a newer cleaner world.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Make fun of UGG if you want but they’re having a bit of a moment and a resurgence. Maybe Tom Brady was on to something? I’ve been a fan for years and I actually wear my classic II short boots just around my apartment because they are so warm. It’s like walking on a snuggly cloud. That same quality and coziness translates to all of UGG’s line including their Classic Sherpa Throw Blankets. 

Warmth and comfort are key with everything UGG makes. These sherpa blankets are super soft and lavish. There’s definitely a color in the collection that will blend with your decor. These blankets will pop in any room be it on a bed or over a sofa. Only the snow color isn’t discounted the $20. The plush sherpa material provides the ultimate comfort and will keep you toasty in these frigid months. It’s easy to clean and can be tossed in the machine to wash. This blanket is sizable at 70″ W x 50″ L and is 100% polyester. This is a great classy gift if you’re stumped on what to get a loved one.

Free shipping on all orders over $19.

This is one of those deals that are really great but take a bit of patience and finagling. Until December 24 take 20% off qualifying items with the code 851679. So I say this is difficult because so many brands are currently on sale or have pretty good deals running. But after playing around there are still quite a few items that this code will work with.

A great option is Pixi’s Purifying Trio Kit. It looks like most Pixi products will vibe with the discount code. This trio is all about keeping your face as glowing as possible. In three easy steps cleanse, exfoliate, and purify. Have a wintery shimmer and hydrated skin for the rest of the season with travel-friendly sizes of the Glow Mud Cleanser, Glow Tonic, and T-Zone Peel-Off Mask.

Post-holiday stress or even just general 2020 stress calls for a moment of self-care and a bath bomb can certainly help you take a pause. I’ve had a few of these from da Bomb and this one is hands down my favorite. It fizzes like fluffy pink cotton candy, smells awesome, and leaves your skin silky smooth. Oh, and you get a prize once it fully dissolves. There are thirty-two bombs to pick from so definitely something for everyone, even kids.

Free shipping on all orders over $35.

Using a digital thermometer has made it much easier for measuring someone’s temperature in recent times. With this iHealth model you can measure someone’s temperature by holding it up to 1.18 inches away from them, and by reading the LCD screen, day or night, you will receive an accurate reading.

At $24, it’s a fantastic price at 59% off list. As it comes with batteries, the iHealth Thermometer is also ready to use as soon as you take it out of the box.

If you’ve been looking for a new toothbrush, I’d like to suggest the Waterpik Sonic Fusion Flossing Toothbrush. It’s a wonderful fusion (yes, that’s a pun) of a Sonic toothbrush and Waterpik for just $135.

Waterpiks gently remove food from in-between your teeth with spurts of water, and with the three modes of brushing, I’m sure your personal pearls will be squeaky-clean. What are you waiting for?

Ella Paradis has the perfect little bundle for a few extra Christmas goodies. This Stocking Stuffer Bundle has just the right amount of whimsy and function for a truly jolly holiday.

In this set, you get two Better Love vibes. Each is easy to use with one button and has ten vibration modes. They’re made of safe silicone and one has a cute little bunny ear sleeve and the other a removable reindeer sleeve. These vibes are powered by LR44 batteries which they say aren’t included but mine have always come with them. (Yes, I said that.) You’re also getting a travel-friendly lubricant in an adorable fruit-shaped container in a grape scent. There’s also some lady lube from Pjur. The Nude Lube is water-based and specially developed for sensitive skin. Everything in this bundle will make a wonderful yuletide just be sure the right presents are wrapped.

This item will ship for free.

The end of the year is a great opportunity to revamp your makeup collection. Time to throwout cakey mascara, old brushes, cracked eyeshadow, and dried-up concealer. Sephora is here to help you get the beauty back in your bundle. Take an extra 20% off everything in their sale selection with the code MAJORSALE. Start 2021 with a fresh face of old favorites or try a brand you’ve had your eye on for a lot less.

Speaking of a fresh face, I was lucky enough to test beautyblender’s Bounce Liquid Foundation at the beginning of the year. They really listened to their customers not only in quality but in range. With forty shades this is the most expansive collection the company has ever put out (after rightfully getting read for a limited line of hues). There is a shade finder to help you because I still have no idea what I am even after testing. But I can say it really is long-wearing and breathable. Definitely worth $16.

But before you cover up your few imperfections let’s try to lessen them. You know I couldn’t make this list without including a Korean beauty fave. In honor of the Winter Solstice, Dr. Jart’s Moisture from Head to Toe Set is all about saving dry skin. This three-piece set aims to protect and nourish your face. Each product contains ceramides which act as a barrier to make it stronger, firmer, and glowing. You’ll get a facial barrier mask, ceramidin cream, and ceramidin body lotion.

Now is the time to try Huda Beauty. One of the world’s best selling brands and it’s easy to see why. That Huda Kattan knows what she’s doing when it comes to quality products for beautification. And if you can snag one of her coveted palettes for well over 50% off even better. This Desert Dusk palette has eighteen shades in a mix of mattes, pressed pearls, chrome toppers, and glitter. All highly pigmented for all-day wear. Stun on your next zoom call or skype date. These colors are gorgeous and translate no matter the medium.

Free shipping for orders over $50 and the code will work until January 1.

Nautica is known for pretty traditional American looks and styles. They’re also known for comfort. Being cozy at home has been the number one goal for many of us this year and why not finish of 2020 with that in mind. These Classic Quarter-Zip Sweaters are 54% off with the code GIFT.

They come in fourteen different colors and most sizes are still available in each, especially in the more usual hues like black, blue, and grey. These sweaters are ideal for layering and are made of soft jersey-knit material, so warmth is key. Nautica has that perfect way of designing things to be a little sporty and a little dressy. Definitely, some business casual vibes so if you need to hope on the happy hour zoom you’ll still look dang put together. The collar, cuffs, and hem are ribbed-knit. It’s a cotton/polyester blend to easy to wash and are for.

I’m so proud of you for still wearing a mask, it’s super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Grab 40 of the KN95 masks from MorningSave right now for just $24.

These are industry-standard which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something but if you wear it correctly it still drastically reduces the likelihood. These are also great if you’ve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN-95 isn’t made for clinical environments not that you’re performing surgery with these but they will definitely protect you and others against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So thank you.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on MorningSave before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many.

‘Twas the poets Cardith B and Megan Thy Stallion who said there are some Ho Ho Hos in this house, correct? I’m pretty sure they meant this because Bellesa wants to gift you with some wet ass presents for the holidays. All you need to do is sign up for their Naughty List see your gift instantly appear.

All month long free gifts will be given to all who get on the list. These gifts include a $30 gift card, memberships, free products, and other surprise goodies. This is a great way to get to know one of my favorite companies. Now only one sign up per person can happen. Just because your naughty doesn’t mean you’re devious. You have the whole month to sign up but if I were you the sooner the better. It’s good to be bad and our pals at Bellesa want to make you the baddest.

Speaking of baddest, here’s a little tidbit if you happen to get that gift card. I’d like to recommend a fave from my own naughty collection. If you’re on the list you must be a Bad Bitch and you deserve a lipstick vibe. If anyone knows about the joys of self-love it’s you. This lipstick vibe is great for travel. Compact, discreet, barely-there sound but a whole lot of power. Easy to turn on which is just what you need when you’re on the go and on the clock.

There’s always free shipping for orders over $29 and you have until December 31 to sign up.

Your skin deserves some TLC. Give it what it craves with Korean beauty brand Mamonde products, currently up to 30% off right now on Amazon.

These rose-essence sheet treatment masks seem like a good place to start. Get a 10-pack for $17, a 30% discount.

Rosewater sprays are popular now for giving your face a quick and hydrating refresh spritz mid-day. You can apply those kinds of benefits in a toner with the organic Mamonde rose water toner. Give it a try with a 250mL bottle for $16. Or, give your skincare regimen a little boost with a Mamonde starter kit, which gets you a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer for $15.

I’m personally eyeing another popular and highly-rated Mamonde product that’ 30% off: The Mamonde Lip Sleeping Mask. This treatment hydrates your lips overnight for $11. That’s just one of many offerings available right now, though! Check out the full line of products here.

Need to tame your brows? I will stand by this classic: Sally Hansen’s hair remover wax strip kit for face & bikini is great for grooming your eyebrows in a snap. You can’t beat the price right now at $5, which includes 40 strips. They’re easy to use since you just have to warm them up between your hands!

If you’re using a retinol product, you’re going to want to skip the waxing. Give these rainbow face razors a try for 40% off right now. You can also snag some peach-colored, peach fuzz-removing razors for $3.

You can stock up on a multi-colored, larger pack for $12. It’s a good idea to use a fresh razor each time on the delicate skin of your face.

If you are wary of razors on your face, you can tweeze unwanted hairs one by one with this

You can also get a little bit of everything with this eyebrow grooming kit. It includes razors, brushes, scissors, tweezers, and even stencils. It’s normally $10, but you can get it for $6 with promo code HK3JAGCS (good until 12/30/20). You can get your eyelashes looking their best with this eyelash curler for just $8 when you clip the Amazon coupon and add promo code KKPY94QN at checkout.

For those overwhelmed by the constant feelings of anxiety induced by the holidays, especially in the year of our lord 2020, you’re probably in the market for some much-needed R&R. Whether you’re going home for the holidays or wisely choosing to spend your time with family virtually, few things will put you on edge quite like yet another rant from your uncle about how the election was stolen by JFK Jr. or whatever. So whenever politics inevitably come up, do what I’d do and pop a bottle of Sunday Scaries spearmint- and cinnamon-spiced CBD drops for 30% off the list price using our exclusive promo code KINJA30.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, when I need a little CBD in my life, Sunday Scaries always comes through, and though I haven’t tried the spiced drops myself, if they’re anything like the Gummies for Chillin’—my personal favorite product of theirs—you can rest assured they’ll be as tasty as they are effective. Calm down and cool off by the fireplace, and roast some chestnuts for God’s sake! Throw on that Donny Hathaway and don’t mind the groove brought on by this vegan, non-psychoactive cannabinoid snack. Embrace it. Happy holidays from Kinja Deals.

Want to put the Caped Crusader under the tree later this week, or just in the mood to revisit the Dark Knight’s animated adventures? In any case, Amazon is holding a big sale on movie and TV box sets today, and there’s a few Batman picks in the bunch.

You can snag the Batman 80th Anniversary Collection, a Blu-ray set of 18 feature-length animated films, for just $37 right now—a 59% savings. There’s also Batman Beyond: The Complete Series on Blu-ray for $35 or DVD for $24, while Batman: The Complete Animated Series is $55 on Blu-ray or $30 on DVD.

The sale also includes non-Batman sets, too, with highlights including the Jurassic World 5-Movie 4K Collection for $40, The Land Before Time 14-Film DVD Collection for under $17, and The Mummy Ultimate Collection on Blu-ray for $12.

This year’s launch of HBO Max offered an easy way for North American fans to access the Studio Ghibli library, making anime classics like My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away ready for on-demand streaming.

But if you’re more into physical media or just want reliable access to these brilliant films that is untethered to streaming deals and subscription fees, now you can save on these recent Blu-ray/DVD releases. Amazon has several Ghibli films on sale for up to 33% off each, with starkly minimal new steelbook packaging that will help them stand apart from your collection—just like the films themselves.




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If you’re looking for a compact, affordable smart speaker to bring into your space, Amazon’s Echo Dot has typically been the smart pick. The previous puck-shaped design has recently been replaced with a new 4th-generation model, which has a globe-like look similar to the new full-sized Echo.

The Alexa-packing ball usually goes for $50, but right now Amazon has it marked down to just $30 for the holidays. There’s a version with a built-in LED clock for $40, as well as Kids Editions with tiger or panda faces also for $40 (each still $20 off). The Kids Editions also come with a full year of Amazon Kids+, which provides access to a library of audiobooks, games, and other audio content.

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