I’m Not Going To Ask Why You Need One, but Get an 18TB External Hard Drive for $330

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WD 18TB External Hard Drive | $330 | Best Buy

Look, it’s not my job to ask questions. I scour the internet for deals and present them to you with minimal commentary. All I hope is that I’ve saved you a few bucks on something you were going to be buy anyway. That’s really all I’m aiming for here. So if for some reason you have need for an 18TB external hard drive, well, more power to you. Maybe you work in film. Maybe you are the govenment. Don’t know, don’t care! Just going to tell you that Best Buy is selling this 18TB USB 3.0 hard drive for $330 today. I’m not going to follow up and ask why you possibly need this much space, because I’m sure you have a good answer. And even if you don’t, that’s none of my concern!

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