Wednesday’s Best Deals: iPhone 12 Chargers, Wag Dog Food, PlayStation Plus, Himalayan Scrub Salt, K-Swiss Sneakers, Avengers Stormbreaker Axe, and More

A 2-pack of 20W iPhone 12 chargers and a sale on Wag dog food lead Wednesday’s best deals.

Promoted Deal: 65% off Basic Prescription Lens Frames* | GlassesUSA | Promo code KINJA65

Now that we’re at home all the time, slowly losing our minds, it’s crucial, now than ever, that we start taking our vision seriously. I mean, without the right pair of glasses, how are you going to finally binge-watch the entirety of The Sopranos over the next few weeks—without overworking your retinas? How are you going to comfortably see every bright, raytraced pixel on your new PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X?

You’re going to need a fresh pair of prescription frames for 65% off, and we’re going to give that to you, courtesy of GlassesUSA. Right now. Take a moment. Find your next pair of glasses, look at the price, and slash that by two thirds. Now check out and enter the promo code KINJA65, and add blue light blocking lenses while you’re at it, for 50% less with the code BLUE50. Whether you’re staring at Good Screen or Bad Screen, your eyes will thank you for the added layer of protection. You don’t necessarily even need a prescription.

To further sweeten the deal, GlassesUSA is giving Kinja Deals readers a 20% discount on designer brands including Gucci, Prada, Armani, and more. Just drop the promo code PREMIUM20 in at checkout and watch the numbers shrink. No matter your standards, you’re bound to find a new pair of eyes that suit you well. If not, there’s a 100% money-back guarantee on ALL GlassesUSA orders. Before you check out with a fresh pair of frames, however, I do recommend uploading a photo of yourself and trying them on your virtual face—a real thing you can on this website.

*Premium- and Sale-tagged frames excluded.

This story was originally published by Gabe Carey in March 2020 and updated with new information on 01/05/2020. 

Whether you’re out and about on social distancing walks or essential grocery runs, or even just in another room doing WFH stuff, you still need to keep a close eye on the happenings inside your house. Lucky for you, Eufy is running a sale on its 2K indoor security camera. Straight from Newegg, you can fetch yourself a two-pack of stationary indoor cams for $60, and this one doesn’t require the Eufy Homebase.  

Apple doesn’t ship a wall charger with the new iPhone 12 models, which it says is for the environment, but potentially leaves you with a $699+ phone that you can’t charge right out of the box. You’ll need a wall charger with a USB-C port to use the cable that’s in the iPhone 12’s box, or you could charge with an old iPhone brick and Lightning-to-USB cable, but it’ll be at lower speeds.

Here’s an affordable way to both fix that omission and ensure that you’re well covered. Right now, RAVPower is offering a two-pack of its 20W USB-C PD wall chargers for just $18 at Amazon when you clip the coupon and use promo code KJL88J7Z at checkout.

These little guys are about as small as the old, less-powerful Apple wall chargers, but still pump out enough power to charge your new phone at full speed. Apple’s own single 20W charger is $19, by the way. And you can use these to charge other devices, too, such as Android smartphones, AirPods, and the Nintendo Switch. They’re very handy to have around if you don’t already have a pile of power bricks around.

I’m a fan of Mpow as you know if you’ve seen any of my reviews. I think they’re a great alternative to more expensive brands and are just as quality. Starting today take $20 off the X5 Hybrid Wireless Earbuds when you clip the coupon and use the code HGVFEC88. You will see the discount when you start the checkout process. This code is good until January 15.

The noise cancellation feature on all of Mpow’s products always pleasantly surprises me, especially in their earbuds. I often have to take an earbud out even with the sound off if someone wants to speak with me but that might be my preference. The point is you really experience immersive sound with these. You’ll get about 8 hours of playtime off of one charge and an additional 24 with the charging case. It’s impressive how long they seem to run without having to plug in the case and fuel up. They do pair quickly and seamlessly via Bluetooth. The smart touch tech lets you control them with just a tap of the finger too. The mic also allows you to sound pretty clear if you want to take calls. This is a great deal if you need an extra pair or a looking for an affordable reliable set of earbuds.

Free one-day shipping for Prime members.

If you’re looking for a way to charge your phone or tablet while you’re on the go, look no further than this wireless portable charger from Aukey. For $36, this 20,00mAh pack can power both your phone and tablet, and can charge compatible phones via the wireless charging surface as well as the usual plug-and-power option.

Just make sure you enter the promo code (2ASGTA5D) and clip the coupon on the page to get this dope deal!

There’s a point where all these budget earbuds start to blend together. This is probably because I’ve been testing different ones for months. Odec is just as solid if you’re looking for a pair, not too expensive that are of decent quality. These are currently 37% off and fall in line with a lot of the other earbuds I’ve covered.

For me, they are middle of the road and certainly do everything they claim efficiently. I do like they are immediately in sync when you pair them to your phone. And the ANC is actually pretty decent for the size and fit. I haven’t played around with them enough to figure out the different modes, but apparently, there is a great one for gaming. Calls come in clear and you can definitely use these for Zooms/Skypes with few issues. These absolutely run for six hours off of one charge and you’ll get around thirty hours with the case before needing to juice that up. The one-step connection isn’t a joke they pair almost instantly once I open the lid and barely lift one out. These are a really good pair as a backup.

Free shipping for Prime members.

If ever there were a year to skip on the New Year’s resolutions to get things into gear, this would be the time. That said, maybe you’re still ready to step up your running game and get into the nitty gritty of all your metrics.If so, you’ve probably taken a peek at Garmin’s slew of fitness trackers, which range from reasonably affordable to wildly expensive. Those higher-end watches do offer some nifty features, but often come at a high price point, as is the case with the Garmin Forerunner 935, which retails for $500. Right now, though, it’s half-off, bringing the price down to $250; if that’s in your budget, the 935’s features start to seem a lot more appealing.

For your money, you’ll get a watch that has a built-in barometer and compass to track elevation and movement, notifications about your performance, up to 24 hours of battery life, and dynamic information for swimming, running, and cycling.

A few of these have turned up on the site and I’ve even tested one or two; this one is a fan favorite of SideDeal. These sanitizers can sterilize basically anything you can fit in it them and I’ve just started adding my face mask. Take 64% off this FineLife UV Phone Sanitizer today.

If you’ve never seen or used a sanitizer like this it’s all pretty user-friendly. Do you remember the five-second rule as a kid? Well, this Sharper Image one is governed by the five-minute rule. Yup, in just five minutes your items will be almost 100% free of gross microorganisms. I absolutely recommend using the aromatherapy function. Sometimes these sanitizers can leave your stuff smelling slightly zapped. ::insert shrug emoji:: But anything you can think of will get all-around disinfection in this little pod. Earbuds, toothbrushes, watches, keys, glasses, and jewelry are all ready to be germ-free and keep you safer in a newer cleaner world.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

As I’ve been testing a myriad of products from Aukey and one thing is certain, each is great quality for the price. For the rest of the week and take 36% off Aukey’s EP-T27 Wireless Earbuds with the code 2LZVP6JY.

A feature all these earbuds have is how well they filter out background noise making it not only a better listening experience but a better communicating experience. Part of this is because there are four microphones in the earbuds with the best noise reduction tech making calls of all types much more enjoyable. The charging power on each Aukey product is pretty accurate and these ones fall right in line. So you’ll get about twenty-five hours of playtime with the case and expect the earbuds to last around five hours when they’re fully charged. It takes two hours to get them fully juiced up. These are comfy and waterproof so great for workouts and long wear.

The ship free for Prime members.

If you’re in need of a proper dance session, you should maybe invest in an Echo Studio. It’s $170, which is about $30, or 15% percent off the original list price of $200. Since this bad boy is new and adaptive to all living spaces and gives a broad range of dynamic sound while keeping the cool murder robot technology y’all call convenient, the 15%, while a little low, is what we think is pretty decent this time around. So, if you’re gearing up for Biden’s eventual $2k stimulus, this can be the perfect splurge. If not, it may be best to wait until the price goes down a bit to invest in a decent speaker. But don’t ask me when it’ll go any lower, I’m not a psychic… or am I?

True wireless earbuds aren’t a niche category anymore. If the Apple-exclusive AirPods are off the table, and you’d rather not get a cheap AirPods knockoff on Amazon, the Jabra Elite 75t earbuds are a great alternative. Their sound quality is among the best in the category, and they’ve got enough battery life to keep your tunes playing all day thanks to the included charging case. They’re also IP57 waterproof, so they should be able to handle a splash or two without much trouble.

Typically, they’ll run you $150, but a pair is down to $130 at Best Buy right now, so you can finally walk around the house without worrying about your headphones snagging on something anymore.

The iPhone 12 does not come with a charger in the box, so you might be finding yourself in need of one. You can snag this universal fast charging USB C block for just $6 with promo code 506IGRWV. Of course, you’ll still need to buy a compatible cable.

This Mkeke block is compatible with “any USB-C enabled device supporting 20w fast charging.” So this includes popular devices like the iPad, Nintendo Switch, Samsung Galaxy mobile phones after the S8, and iPhones after the iPhone 8. It can also work fine with accessory charging like the AirPods.

This still means you might need a charging cable! There is an assortment of options for lightning cables to USB C, which will be used for most up-to-date iPhones and Apple devices:

My personal preference is to go for a 10-foot option when available. It’s just more convenient when you have limited outlets, or if you want to be able to comfortably reach your phone while in bed and charging.

We’re in the infancy stage of this brave new world of consoles right now, which means we’ve got a good 8 years of PlayStation 5 ahead of us. The early years are an especially exciting time for a new system as developers go all out, taking advantage of new hardware. With exciting games on the horizon, it’s a good time to pick up a PS Plus subscription so you can play online. For those who know they’ll be playing the system for a while, Eneba currently has a strong deal on the online service.

You can grab 2 full years of PS Plus for $58. To get it, add a 1-year membership to your cart. Then head to checkout, up the quantity to two, and enter the code PSPLUSJANUARY. It shakes out to just under $30 a year, so this is an excellent bit of saving for anyone with enough foresight to know they’ll still be playing Destiny 2 in 2023.

If you’ve seen Avengers: Endgame, then you know exactly what must be done with this Stormbreaker replica. If you don’t, I won’t spoil it for you. Instead, I’ll just let you know that this is a big axe wielded by Thor in the films. Does he use it to chop down a cherry tree? Or split a few logs for the fire? Who’s to say. What I can say is that GameStop is currently selling it 40% off, taking the price down t $120. The axe lights up and plays sound effects too, so you can really feel like Thor as he’s about to do what must be done. Okay, this isn’t a real axe, so it’s not sharp enough to do you know what, but I’m sure your kids (or you) can find plenty of ways to cause damage with it nonetheless.

When it comes to video games, sometimes it’s just the simple things that get you. Sure, you can play a crazy space shooter where you have all sorts of elemental powers and crazy guns. But sometimes, you just want to swing a sword and ride a horse. You can live out that modest dream in Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord, which is currently in early access. The medieval action RPG features plenty of weapons to try out in its big, sandbox campaign. If that sounds up your alley, Eneba is selling a Steam key of the game for $30. Just add it to your cart and enter the code BANNERLORD2JAN at checkout.

Board game night is a sacred thing. Whether it’s with family or friends, gathering around a table to play a game is one of those simple joys in life. If you’re looking to add something new to your rotation, King of Tokyo is a must-have. Players control different kaiju and try to become, as you may have guessed, the King of Tokyo. It’s a clever game that brings Godzilla to your table. With easy to understand rules and an excellent visual style, it’s one of my favorite board games to spring on new players. Amazon currently has it down to $30, so it’s a perfect price if you’re looking for something to restock your collection.

Nintendo Switch owners haven’t had too much to do in recent months following a pretty light year of first-party games. That’s hopefully going to change in the next few months as games like Monster Hunter Rise and Bravely Second come out, but we’re not quite through the drought yet. If you’re looking for something to play on Switch during these winter months, Walmart has Pikmin 3 Deluxe down to $45 (you’ll have to add it to your cart to see the price). While the Wii U rerelease didn’t receive a lot of attention when it dropped last year, it’s a can’t miss title for those who skipped the original. Like other games in the series, Pikmin 3 is a clever strategy game where you control a squad of little plant creatures. There’s frankly nothing quite like it out there to this day, so consider plucking this one up.

Launched a few months months back, the new LEGO Super Mario line delivers a unique twist to the building block template, letting you use a screen-and-sensor equipped Mario figure to play through interactive obstacle courses. And they made a whole bunch of different add-on sets to recreate familiar moments from the legendary games.

While the core, required starter set remains at the full price of $60, many of the larger expansions are currently 20% off, including the Guarded Fortress Expansion, Mario’s House and Yoshi Expansion, and Toad’s Treasure Hunt Expansion Set. If your family got the starter set over the holidays, now is an ideal time to unlock further building opportunities at a discount.

Every kid goes through a dinosaur phase. Some of us never really leave it and are still fascinated. If you’ve got a little paleontologist trapped at home digitally learning this Dino Egg Dig Kit might be a good way to foster some of that curiosity. It’s currently 60% and a great set to keep on hand for a rainy afternoon or boring weekend. Plus the whole family can join in.

This kit has twelve eggs with a dinosaur figure nestled inside each. Once you excavate your dig and unearth the prehistoric creature find the corresponding card to earn about the history and characteristics of that dino. Encourage a young scientist and maybe learn a few new facts yourself. Teaching kids that history and science if just as cool and as important as other subjects is key. STEM projects are also a great way to get the whole family together and maybe spark some nerdy love for a future scientist.

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Well, last week certainly wasn’t ideal. I’m not sure anyone really thought 2021 would be less stressful than 2020, but we hoped all the same. Unfortunately, January’s already looking like a wash, so it’s already time to pack it in. If you’re looking for a joyful distraction from everything, Katamari Damacy Reroll is on sale for $20. If you’ve never played the original, it’s especially worth revisiting this oddball classic about a little spaceman who rolls everything on Earth up into a giant ball. You can imagine that you’re rolling up all of your various anxieties and turn the game into a colorful bit of stress relief. Whatever helps at this point.

Remember the iconic scene in Penny Marshall’s Big in which Tom Hanks and Robert Loggia visit FAO Schwartz and perform “Heart and Soul” and “Chopsticks” by hopping around the giant Walking Piano? If not, check it out: it’s a joyful couple of minutes that we all could use right now.

Better yet, Amazon has this Click N’ Play Gigantic Piano Playmat on sale for just $31 today, a savings of $49. While not nearly to the scale of the movie version, this budget alternative measures nearly seven feet wide with 24 keys, and has eight different instrument sounds to choose from.

Amazon customer reviews are widely positive, with a 4.5-star rating, although some customers say it gets very, very loud. Writes one reviewer: “Holy crap. This might be the most annoying thing I’ve ever purchased. I don’t know what I was thinking and I’m sad it works so well.” Now that’s a ringing endorsement.

[UPDATE: Liz here. So, an earlier version of this deal, left below in its entirety, speculated that Wario and Waluigi are brothers— a common assumption. I was curious, so I googled the answer and found an archived Kombo article with Charles Martinet (voice actor for Mario), who explained that he doesn’t think the duo are brothers, but are instead “just two nice, evil guys who found each other.” I personally want to believe that, and thought it would be nice to share that little tidbit in all its wholesome goodness—along with the deal which is still going on these adorable little plushies below. Check it out!]

Here at The Inventory, you’ve probably noticed that we love Wario. Anytime you see one of our daily deal round-ups, you’ll see the jolly yellow villain with his gaping maw wide open. That’s because someone has to rep Wario while his brother (?) gets all the attention. For some reason that is still unclear to me, everyone loves Waluigi. Maybe a little too much, in some ways. The Purple Prince is a style icon, not unlike Marilyn Monroe. The day that he gets added to Super Smash Bros. is probably the day the world ends. Regardless of who you love more, you can now invite both horrible men into your home like vampires. Amazon has a 12.5″ Waluigi plush on sale $16 today, so I dare you to put your money where your mouth is. For us, we’ll stick to this 10″ Wario plush, which is down to $17.

This deal was originally published by Giovanni Calontonio on 1/08/21 and was updated with new information by Elizabeth Lanier on 1/09/21.

New consoles means new controllers. While Sony got fancy with the DualSense, the new Xbox Series X|S controller is much simpler. It’s exactly what you’ve come to expect from an Xbox controller over the years, and that’s not a knock against it. The new Xbox Wireless Controller feels natural with its lightweight design, textured triggers, and hybrid D-pad. It’s also Bluetooth enabled, making it easy to switch it over to your computer. Even if you don’t have an Xbox, it’s a great choice for PC or mobile gamers looking for a solid controller. Best Buy is currently running a sale on the Xbox Wireless Controller, with the black and white models at $50 (the blue one is slightly more at $55). That’s $10 off the usual price, so it’s a good time for anybody with local multiplayer ambitions to stock up.

Sleep and naps are really fun when you’re cozy and comfy. But for some getting in the perfect position to catch all the zzz’s can be difficult. Copper Fit can help with their side/back sleeper pillow. It’s currently half off and ready to remedy all your slumber issues.

Get the help you need to ease into the most restful night’s sleep with this pillow. The plush memory foam gets your spine and neck in order while giving them proper pain-free support. This pillow is specifically designed to take the pressure off, literally. In doing this your body is less stressed, then your mind is less stressed. Place your arm in the cutout sides while sleeping on your side for the ultimate in peaceful snoozes. This pillow blocks odor and bacteria and the cover can be washed in a machine. It’s made of a polyurethane/polyester blend and this price is for the full/queen size.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. It’s well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that it’s well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the rest of the list.

If your dog already digs Wag or you’re looking to trial a new dog food, you can save 40% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wag’s jerky treats. Compare it to what you’re feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.

This is a 40% discount on the Trifo Multi-Floor Robot Vacuum, so if you’ve been looking for one today’s your lucky day. This is a great deal if you have one or shedding pets and/or messy kids who have turned your house upsidedown. Your floors crying out for care. It’s a lot to be constantly wiping, sweeping, vacuuming up dirt and even though we are at home more it’s a chore no one wants to do. This classic vac is user-friendly with minimal buttons and easy to program through your phone. Like most robot vacuums it knows when its battery is low and scurries back to the charging station so it won’t be left abandoned in the middle of an unfinished fur filled room. You’ll get almost two hours of cleaning time off of a single charge. Let this cute robo vac take away the headache of dusty floors and save $110 off its usual price too.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Everybody poops including your pups. Whether you have a house full of canines or even just one you need doggie doo bags. It shows you respect your neighbors and community when you curb your pooch. Right now grab all the bags you need for cheap. This bundle of 100 poop bags is just $12, that’s 12 cents a bag. The bags have sweet little pooches on them and non-scented. They are durable and leak-proof which is just as important. You get eight rolls and a reusable dispenser that you can attach easily to their leash. This is a great deal for something you know you will use, probably a lot quicker than you think. They are also 100% compostable.

Prime members enjoy free one-day shipping.

I live in a basement apartment so I thought this would be a fun experiment when I got one of these. I also with a roommate who is an excellent cook and constantly looking for fresh herbs and our garden isn’t reliable with the neighborhood creatures. I was pleasantly surprised by the AeroGarden Harvest and if you’re a foodie with a green thumb this is the deal for you. Save $65 on this model right now.

I don’t know what I was expecting but I don’t think it was for them to all grow so quickly. I put the AeroGarden in my room on a high shelf away from all the dogs, so a pretty lightless area. I will say the 20W LED grow-lights are very bright, but duh, they’re supposed to be the sun. They’re on a timer too so you don’t need to worry about turning it on and off. It was easy to set up and I really love that it’s got light indicators that let you know when your plant babies need water or food. Yes, it comes with plant food that’s easy to measure out and pour in the well. It was simple enough to get the pods into the AeroGarden with relatively no mess. I haven’t figured out how to harvest them yet which will need to be done very soon. My pack came with Genovese basil, Thai basil, dill, curly parsley, mint, and thyme. I can say the basil smells lovely. This was a fun experiment that I was pleasantly surprised by and I’d be willing to try some more advanced things like lettuce or tomatoes. The AeroGarden is a great alternative for the plant minded individual worried about pesticides or herbicides.

This item ships for free.

Being home all the time is no fun, and if you’re anything like us, you may be filling the hours rage cleaning, just because. At this point, any further efforts to clean can only be seen as a desperate, cryptic cry for some sort of help. After you’ve resolved your internal conflict and made some attempted return to normalcy (what’s that?), let someone else do the job.

It could be your kids, but not all of us have them… and barring expensive nanny care, a eufy RoboVac just might be the next best thing. The BoostIQ RoboVac 11S packs a lot of suction power for just $170. It’s $50 off the list price right now when you clip the coupon on the page.

If you’ve been wanting a winning combination of an air fryer and toaster oven, look no further than the Cuisinart Air Fryer Oven. It’s on Morning Save for $99. It can toast up to four pieces of toast and roast a three-pound chicken all at the same time! Plus, it comes in a space-saving design to save precious counter room. So, what are you waiting for?

Whether you’re outdoors camping, or your power is out at home, a portable generator comes in handy for recreational activities and emergency situations alike. This one from Kinja Deals reader-favorite brand is solar-powered and boasts a 300 watt-hour battery capacity. Measuring 9.84″ x 7.28″ x 6.89″ and weighing 10.28 pounds, its size is comparable to an industry-grade rugged laptop—compact enough to take on a trip, even in the trunk of a small sedan, but don’t count on fitting it in your pocket. Still, considering its diminutive dimensions, the Portable Power Station packs a real punch, laying claim to powering a smartphone more than 27 times, a laptop (or refrigerator!) for 6 hours, a 45-watt CPAP for 9 hours, and a car vac for 2.5 consecutive hours.

The generator includes the required three Lithium-ion batteries needed to operate the device, and for a limited time only is discounted $85 using the promo code 8KLDXLTO. As the weather grows colder, you might want to jump on this deal before it spikes back up to its full $265 list price. You’ve got until Saturday to secure a backup plan for any upcoming outdoor expeditions or blizzard-induced power outages bound to arise in the coming months.

With the NFC and AFC divisional rounds set it’s time to reflect on what weird season this year has been in the NFL. It was bonkers across the board and with player shakeups, injuries, discourse, and drama. So whether your team is still marching on with a chance at the Super Bowl or grossly underperformed, one thing can be said, next season can’t come soon enough. While we wait grab one of Simple Modern’s NFL Coffee Mugs now. These are 20% off for the rest of the day.

The mugs are double-walled insulated to keep your beverages piping hot for hours. There’s a splash-proof seal for no worries about the lid flying off. You don’t have to get stressed about a coffee-stained shirt or burned appendage because of these. They are made of safe durable stainless steel that’s easy to clean and care for. The water bottles are on sale as well and made of the same BPA-free material. They even come with a reusable straw.

Whether you’ve got to park your butt in front of your home office computer or in the driver seat for a long car ride, make it more comfortable with a WAOAW seat cushion for just $17 when you add promo code 32NWHDRO at checkout.

This seat cushion is made of plush memory foam to help you feel extra comfy when sitting for long periods. This promo code might not last long, so take advantage of it while you can!

Need more nutrients in your life? Get all of them in juice form with this CRUX Artisan Series 5 speed digital juice extractor, down to $65 over at Bed Bath & Beyond right now.

This device can handle all the fruits and veggies you can throw at it— just, don’t actually throw them, ok? Seriously, this is a better price than you can find on Amazon, where the Crux is going for $90. Grab it while it’s available for less!

Ready for a comfortable night’s sleep? Sleep like a baby on a Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for as low as $65— that’s the price of one that will fit a twin or twin XL (dorm-size) bed. For most of us, we’ll need to step up to the full/queen Buffy Cloud down alternative comforter for $80.

I’ve had my eye on one of these for a while. The Buffy comforter is made of soft hypoallergenic eucalyptus fibers. And, the fill is sustainably made of recycled materials. It’s so lovely to find an eco-friendly and skin-friendly comforter— but even more lovely to find it for 50% off! Plus, this comforter is made for all seasons, so you can enjoy it now and its lyocell breathable fabric will keep you comfortably cool in the summer as well.

For the fancy people with their fancy massive California king beds, the Buffy Cloud comforter is down to just $100 right now. You really can’t beat that price!

Finally, you can grab a Buffy pillow or two for half off as well to go along with your purchase, just $20 for a standard-size or $30 for a luxurious king-size pillow.

This deal was originally published on 1/3/21 by Elizabeth Lanier and was updated with new information on 1/9/21.

Nothing is classier or chicer than white sneakers. They just look so sharp and elevate any outfit. The only downside is that they are so hard to keep clean. But hey if you don’t spend too much on a good pair you can’t get too mad. Until the end of the month take 40% off these slick K-Swiss Court Casper Sneakers.

K-Swiss is definitely a brand that knows what they’re doing with style and comfort. Sophisticated yet casual. The Court Capsers are made for every day and blend with any ensemble. Made from smooth leather and a breathable lining your feet will be just as cozy as fancy. Their padded on the inside for a relaxed fit for all-day wear. These sneakers are lightweight to ensure a pleasant experience no matter what you do in them. And if you just happen to get them dirty just wipe them down.

These will ship for free.

Listen, winter is most definitely HERE, and that means dry, cracked skin. Why not avoid that altogether by getting a container of Himalayan Scrub Salt for $25?! It’s 25% off its original list price and made with Himalayan salt. It’s also infused with collagen to help with skin production. They say you should use it on your face, but I actually wouldn’t recommend that since some salts can cause microtears on your skin which actually makes acne worse. So by slightly repurposing helps you and your skin in a different way. What are you waiting for?

There’s no way being shot in the face with an infrared thermometer will ever be comfortable. I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a few months ago and immediately when you walk in they take your temperate like this. In fact, there have been several establishments I’ve been in that are doing this. If you’re looking for a way to find out if someone is running a fever without touching them this is for you. Save $10 on this Non-Contact Infrared Forehead Thermometer.

Get an accurate read in me seconds that easy to read. This is pretty helpful both for efficiency and if you have a fussy baby or child whose window to sit still is small. And it being no contact is pretty ideal right now. The trigger is comfy to hold and simple to use. This thermometer is FDA authorized and CE certified. You just need to grab two AA batteries (which are not included) to get it fired up.

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So. The first couple of weeks of 2021 have been chaotic none the less. Between the storming of the Capitol (which hasn’t been seized since 1812!) and everything else, we all collectively need to take a chill pill. That’s where Sunday Scaries CBD bath bombs come in. For only $11, or $9 if you sign up for a monthly subscription, you can get three bath bombs (orange, lavender, and lemon) with a couple of Mgs of isolated CBD to calm your body after a long day of doomscrolling and WFH. Nothing else to say. Let’s not stress ourselves out too much in 2021, huh?

It’s not even two weeks into the new year and it’s been a wild ride so far. Things are stressful even more so in a lot of ways. Ella Paradis wants to help ease some of these tense feelings with the Make Better Love Kit. It’s 70% off with the code 2021.

There are four items in this pack and it’s got a bit of a variety to it. Better Love makes great toys for dudes and babes, this bundle is definitely a representation of that. The Poseidon is a powerful c-ring that vibes for seventy minutes at a time giving guys (and gals) some soothing silicone pleasure. Their Pixie wand is included for a little lady magic. It has ten settings, which is great for travel and is very user friendly. You’ll also get a sweet satin bag to keep both of these safe and sound. And to add a little more sexy to 2021 they’re tossed in a pair of thigh high fishnets. While both vibes are fun with a partner there are absolutely benefits to taking them out for solo runs too.

Unless you’re in a state that sucks for other reasons, winter can be brutal, especially during a pandemic when the only things you can safely do in public are outdoors. It’s no surprise, then, that outdoor heaters have taken the restaurant world by storm. And if you’re lucky enough to have a yard or plan outdoor getaways in these difficult times, the global health crisis has breathed new life into non-commercial heaters as well, keeping you toasty through even the most frigid temperatures.

Among the best outdoor heater brands is Mr. Heater, creator of the BuddyFlex heater and BuddyFlex cooker, both of which are on sale for 30% off, bringing the heater down to $105 and the cooker to just $52. Though it’s redundant in name, the Mr. Heater heater is far from useless. In fact, the device radiates warmth—in all directions—for up to 2 hours on high and up to 3.5 hours on the low setting. It’s also wind-reistant and lets out between 6,000 and 1,000 British thermal units (BTUs) with up to 275 square-feet of coverage. The BuddyFlex cooker, on the other hand, has a 4,000- to 8,000-BTU range with a 28″ quick-connect hose that can be paired with the aforementioned heater.

For a mere $7 more than you’d otherwise pay for the heater alone at full price, you might as well pick up both and treat you, or your clientele, to an unforgettable night spent outdoors. And with a seemingly neverending stream of chaos dragging us all down, nothing sounds more delightful right now.

A good durable water bottle that’s easy to clean and safe to drink from is what everyone strives for. Takeya Actives bottles are just that. These insulated bottles keep your beverages hot for up to twelve hours on a chilly mountain trail and cold up twenty-four hours in the dead of summer at the beach. Amazon currently has a variety of them on sale.

There are a lot of styles of Takeya Actives discounted which you can see on the page for this particular product. But this rosy blush one is a steal for $20 because of its 32 oz. size and because it includes the straw.

Several other colors and sizes are available to fit your vibe. Mostly the 40 oz. ones seem to be at great prices, $22 and up! All of these Takeya bottles are BPA free and come from a company with over 55 years of Japanese design and ingenuity.

Free shipping for Amazon Prime members.

This deal was originally published by Sheilah Villari on 06/04/20 and was updated with new information by Elizabeth Lanier on 1/10/21.

For most of us, it will still be a while until we can get our vaccines. Some of you might be missing the dentist, while others might be relishing in the excuse not to go. Regardless of how much you’ve been taking advantage of the COVID excuse to avoid certain things, we’ve got all a deal all of you should take advantage of for your teeth and gum health!

This Homgeek water flosser is down to $28 right now when you clip the $5 coupon and add promo code KINJA0010 at checkout.

Grab it while you can get this great discount!

If you’re looking for a long-wear lipstick with good color that won’t smudge Marc Jacobs Le Marc Crème Lipsticks are some of the best. I was gifted the color Boy Gorgeous, a berry rouge, for my birthday a few years ago and I wore it to death. I’ve since gone on to purchase the color Vinyl Dreams and haven’t been disappointed. Take 50% off five cream colors right now at Sephora.

These lipsticks are rich in pigment and glide on smoothly. They will absolutely get you through the bulk of the day. The suggested time is about 10 hours for one application and that seems about right. Marc Jacobs is synonymous with luxury and these lipsticks have that vibe for sure. The tube is even chic with each lipstick encased in a slick black home. My lips have never felt dry post wear. This is probably due to the antioxidant-rich seaberry and cocoa butter in each stick. There’s a subtle vanilla scent to each too. This is an awesome deal if you are looking to try this brand or make a few shade upgrades to your collection.

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Despite resembling the chemical waste in Springfield’s nuclear chemical plant, C4 Sport—in my experience at least—works wonders. NSF-certified and designed to motivate higher rep counts, therefore helping you build lean muscle, the pre-workout mix is normally found at nutrition stores like GNC for around $25, but for a limited time, you can shave 15% off the already marked down $17 price tag simply by clipping a coupon on Amazon. With that discount applied, the Blue Raspberry flavor (the best if you ask me) comes down to $13 apiece. Fruit Punch and Watermelon are also on sale, for $19 and $16, respectively. As someone who’s tried all three, I recommend Blue Raspberry since it has the least bad aftertaste of the bunch.

No matter which flavor you choose, expect copious amounts of caffeine to keep you stimulated throughout your workout, making the most of your limited time to work out given increasingly hectic work schedules. Take it before your workout and bolster your strength, thanks to creatine, an excellent and drug-free way to recover your aching body after particularly exhausting physical exertion. Make like Goku and take fewer breaks between sessions, work out longer and faster, and maintain focus on a budget with your pick of sugar-free pre-workout solution, all soluble in 6-8 fluid ounces of water.

By clipping the coupon, note that you do have to “Subscribe & Save” in order to take advantage of this deal, so I’d only recommend signing off if you’re comfortable with a recurring order being placed in your name. That being said, you can cancel your subscription at any time, so it’s pretty non-committal, and you’ll eventually have to restock anyway.

Star Wars art books are a real treat for fans, as the hefty hardcover tomes pack in hundreds of pieces of concept art complete with behind-the-scenes creative tidbits. And now we can do the same for The Mandalorian.

Released last month, The Art of Star Wars: The Mandalorian serves up 256 pages of gorgeous insight on the creation of the show’s first season. While it probably won’t give you canon story details about The Child, at least you can see how this whole wonderful thing came together. And right now, it’s 20% off the list price at Amazon.

If you’re looking for even more Mando reading material for the months ahead, you can pre-order February’s The Mandalorian: The Art & Imagery Collector’s Edition Vol. 2 and July’s The Mandalorian: The Ultimate Visual Guide, each 10% off the list price.

There’s so much to do in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla that I can’t imagine many people have hit the bottom of the content barrel yet. The open world game is filled with side-quests, collectibles, and secrets that give it a very long-tail. So fans probably aren’t sitting around wishing for more at this point. But for the extremely committed, the official Art of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla book is currently on sale. The regular hardcover is $26, but the nifty Deluxe Edition is $50. It comes with a decorative slipcover and a landscape lithograph. This 192-page book is the perfect way to experience the English countryside at your leisure. I mean, sure, you could just get a photography book of real world England, but where’s the fun in that?

Can’t get enough Cyberpunk 2077? Or simply waiting to keep playing until the game’s upcoming patches make the game functional on PS4 and Xbox One? In any case, Amazon currently has The World of Cyberpunk 2077 on sale for $25, so you can get deeper into Night City. The 192-page hardcover is a handy explainer on some of the game’s extensive lore. This is especially handy if you’re someone like me who found themselves lost trying to understand all of the game’s different factions and tech-jargon. It’s not a guide, but it seems like a handy glossary for anyone that finds themselves a little overwhelmed by everything happening in the story.




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Is your Wi-Fi lagging behind? Well throw your current router in the garbage because a trio of TP-Link mesh Wi-Fi routers are here to save the day. From now until whenever Amazon decides to ramp ‘em back up to full price, the TP-Link Deco M3, S4, and M5 are discounted by up to $20. While that’s not the most exciting discount, the S4 in particular—marked down to $135—made the cut in our rundown of the best Wi-Fi routers curated by Andrew Hayward, who’s tested a bunch! Here’s what he had to say:

TP-Link’s Deco S4 delivers the same kind of specs as the above Linksys router, with up to 867Mbps via 5GHz and 300Mbps through 2.4GHz, but does so with a multi-unit mesh design that spreads a signal across a much larger footprint. The two-pack can cover up to 3,800 square feet, while the three-pack is rated for up to 5,500 square feet.

As for the other two, the cheaper Deco M3 shouldn’t be overlooked as a budget-friendly alternative. In fact, because it uses a pair of powerful TP-Link Wi-Fi extenders, thanks to a pair of TP-Link extenders included in the box, the M3 boasts coverage of up to 4,800 square feet, about 700 less than the theoretical range of the S4. And when your talking spaces that large, that difference is inconsequential for most people. Emphasis on most. If you’re well off and/or not living in New York City, the size of your home might necessitate the extra reach. But if neither the M3 nor the S4 is fast enough, that’s a separate issue altogether. Though none of these Deco mesh routers support the latest Wi-Fi 6 standard, the M5 bumps up the speeds from AC1200 (1.2Gbps) to AC1300 (1.3Gbps) because sometimes 1,300Mb makes all the difference.

For a first-gen Apple product, the new MacBooks featuring the company’s own custom chipset is reviewing surprisingly well, even from our friends at Gizmodo. And, like clockwork, the M1-equipped MacBook Pro is discounted $60 at both Amazon and B&H Photo at least if you’re cool with the entry-level Space Gray build with 8GB of RAM and a 256GB SSD.

Here’s what Gizmodo’s Joanna Nelius had to say in her review of the powerful new MacBook Pro:

I do all my work and play on PC, but Apple’s M1 processor has me wondering if I really need a Windows PC for my next laptop. This is the first time in all my years of computing—ever since my dad sat me in front of a keyboard as a toddler—that I’ve ever considered getting a Mac.

For those who love to play their Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, the joy-cons can leave a bit to be desired. The tiny controllers are ingenious in some ways, but far from what you’d call “traditional.” Gamers seeking a more familiar setup usually opt to upgrade to a Pro Controller, but that’s not really a perfect solution when you want to play on-the-go. There’s a more creative option available, if you’re willing to go the third-party route. Hori’s Split Pad Pro essentially replaces your joy-cons with a traditional controller split in half. The add-on clips onto your Switch like a normal joy-con and includes grips, a traditional D-pad, back buttons, and even a Turbo button. It’s a total reimagining of the Switch’s control scheme that’s built for people who want that good old controller feel. Amazon currently has it on sale for $40, so give it a try if you’re itching for a different setup.

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