Which Martial Art Is Right For You?

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Want to learn a bunch of different aspects of fighting and then combine them under an umbrella philosophy? Well, Hapkido might be for you. Hapkido is a Korean hybrid martial art that evolved from Japanese jiu jitsu, and it combines grappling, throws, punches, kicks and joint locks.

Like most traditional martial arts from the east, there’s also a spiritual element at play, explained here by Martial Arts Fandom:

Hwa, or non-resistance, is the act of keeping the body relaxed and not directly opposing an opponent’s strength. Hapkido practitioners rarely push back against an opponent; rather, they redirect his/her momentum to their advantage.

Won, the circular principle, is redirecting an opponents linear energy into a circular motion. For instance, a straight-on attack would be responded to by differing the momentum into angular velocity; once this is done, any number of techniques can be used.

Yu, the water principle, refers to how Hapkido practitioners aim to defeat their opponents not through direct strength (similar to how water is soft to the touch), but rather through adaptable motion.

If you’re into the interplay of practical skills and a spiritual journey, this might be for you.

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