9 Recent Movies That’ll Transport You to Pre-Pandemic NYC

The first ten minutes of Sophia Coppola’s On the Rocks bleeds a certain type of New York City living, from the Strand bookstore canvas bags to the multiple scenes of characters trying to schedule coffee dates. This Apple TV+ original stars Rashida Jones, Marlon Wayans, and Bill Murray. Jones plays Laura, married to Dean, whom she suspects is having an affair; when she airs her suspicions to her dad (played by Murray) he takes the opportunity to act as her own private P.I., and the two set off on a journey around Manhattan trying to prove Dean’s guilt or innocence.

Despite her fabulous apartment, Laura is portrayed as a loving mom in the city, rushing around taking kids to school and to “mommy and me” classes. When you see her youngest hurl her sippy cup to the ground on the side of the street, you are immediately reminded of life in the city before COVID. (Today, that sippy cup would be thrown into the incinerator.) From kids touching all the elevator buttons to awkward New York office parties, you will be fully transported to before-the-pandemic times.

Where to watch: Apple TV+

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