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While you can spend as little as $80 on a sound bar the sweet spot for this kind of speaker is around $300. For this price you can expect features such as HDMI, Bluetooth and a wireless subwoofer. Dialogue will sound so much clearer than you ever heard from your TV, and most bars include a voice-boosting mode as well. If you’re a music fan you can also expect your favorite tunes to sound better than any Bluetooth speaker you could name. Here are our current favorites.

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It may not have the whizz-bang features of some of its competition, but if you’re looking for superlative performance this is where you should start. It offers head-turning looks with those exposed tweeters and a big subwoofer. Sounds great with both music and an episode or two of WandaVision. Read our Klipsch Cinema 400 review.

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The problem with most soundbars is that they’re ginormous — if you have a small TV or accompanying stand they may dangle off of it. The MagniFi Mini’s main speaker is barely a foot across and yet it’s able to offer an ultra-wide sound with clever use of technology. Sounds good, and you’ll barely know it’s there. Read our Polk MagniFi Mini review.

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The Polk Audio Signa S3 may not have the stylish looks of the Klipsch or JBL but it offers pretty much what a 21st century music fan needs. Apart from the HDMI port, it has Bluetooth, Wi-Fi streaming (iOS and Android) and a mini-jack for connecting a turntable if you like. It sounds great, too. Read our Polk Signa S3 review.

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