11 Movies and Shows That Will Inspire You to Try Something New

Speaking of Michelle Rodriguez, she made her debut in another inspiring sports drama, Karyn Kausama’s 2000 film Girlfight. She plays Diana Guzman, who lives with her father and little brother in low income housing in New York City. When Guzman’s father forces her little brother to take up boxing, she makes a deal with him: She’ll take over his boxing classes so he can focus on school and the things he loves without their father finding out. The problem is the amateur boxing league has never featured women fighters. Guzman struggles to break into the league while combating her father’s abusive behavior. The only boy who will agree to spar with her becomes her new love interest, and we’re thrust into an unrequited love story between Guzman, her training partner, and her love of boxing. Guzman’s audacity and tenacity are infectious. Don’t be surprised if you purchase a pair of gloves and a boxing gym membership after watching this film.

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