Stop Dropping Things Under Your Car Seats With 15% off These Gap Fillers With Added Wireless Charging Capability

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AUTOOMMO Car Seat Gap Organizers | $24 | Amazon | Clip coupon

I don’t know about you, but I drop things under my car seats all the time. It can be a real pain sometimes when you just can’t reach your phone or wallet or whatever it is you’ve dropped because your hand just can’t fit quite right into the tiny cramped space.


Avoid that problem in the future with a 2-pack of these AUTOOMMO car seat gap organizers for 15% off! Just make sure to clip the coupon below the price to get that offer.

As an added bonus, the driver’s side gap filler has 10W wireless charging capability for the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and the Google Pixel, among other phone models. So, you can not only stop losing your phone, but it can safely charge in your nifty little gap filler as you drive on.

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