Lincoln Zephyr Reflection should have Yanks mad brand doesn’t do sedans anymore – Roadshow

This is hot.


Ford and Lincoln tossed passenger cars out the window for the US as Americans embraced SUVs and pickup trucks. That’s a damn shame because no SUV will look as swanky as the Zephyr Reflection concept, revealed at the Shanghai Auto Show Monday. The concept car is not so subtle wink and nudge previewing a production sedan coming later this year, exclusively for China, the brand said.

Essentially, this is a second-gen MKZ sedan that won’t happen in the US. Despite its conceptual status, it’s easy to see this design translating to a production car with Lincoln’s latest grille and version of the brand’s “horizontal” design language. The hood creates a cascading effect into the grille, which includes thin headlights with a LED light bar accent, as is the trend these days. The line then sweeps to the side profile to flush door handles and blacked-out A-pillars do some great eye trickery to make the windshield look very open and airy. This is most certainly a front-wheel drive car, but the proportions hide the fact very well. And at the rear, a long light bar taillight modernizes the departed MKZ’s look with lovely surfacing on the trunk area. Seriously, this car looks gorgeous and somehow oozes the same swagger as the Aviator in a sedan-sized package.

The interior debuts what Lincoln calls a “coast-to-coast” panoramic center screen that includes a digital gauge cluster, infotainment and a passenger screen. Buttons also back a “smart surface” and appear only when activated for a cleaner look. The center console keeps with the serene feelings with a simple dial controller and shifter buttons placed just below the massive screen.

Lincoln noted luxury sedan demand in China remains “strong,” and designed this car specifically for the country’s car buyers. If the production car comes close to the Zephyr Reflection concept, we should collectively feel bad the sedan has nearly died off in the US because this looks impressive.

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