Shang-Chi’s Toys Tease Martial Arts Mayhem and Awkwafina’s Furry New Friend


Image: Hasbro

Rounding out the villainous additions is Death Dealer (Marvel has yet to confirm the mysterious actor behind the mask). In the comics Death Dealer is one of Shang-Chi’s sworn enemies, a former MI6 agent who went rogue and began working with the evil sorcerer Zheng Zu, but in the movie, he’s Shang-Chi’s former mentor, now working with Wenwu as an agent of the Ten Rings. As a toy, he’s got cool knife throwing hands!

Although no pictures of the completed figure were revealed, buying all the figures in the Shang-Chi wave will net you the pieces to build the comic book version of Mr. Hyde, the sinister alter ego of biochemist Calvin Zabo and occasional member of the Thunderbolts. Twin Peaks legend Kyle MacLachlan played Zabo on ABC’s Agents of SHIELD as the father of Daisy “Quake” Johnson, but Mr. Hyde’s presence in these figures is not likely to have anything to do with the movie itself.

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