Justin Bieber and Bill Nye team up for Earth Day The Musical (sort of) – CNET

Justin Bieber as Bill Nye in Earth Day! The Musical? You wish.

Facebook Watch screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

When you think of Earth Day, science communicator Bill Nye seems like a natural fit. But Justin Bieber? The pop singer teamed up with Nye for a Facebook Watch exclusive video for Earth Day 2021 that’s funny and filled with celebrities, but is also a call for climate change action.

Facebook partnered with EarthDay.org — a group dedicated to promoting Earth Day — on the video. Give it a watch. 

The cameos keep coming with Zac Efron, Gaten Matarazzo of Stranger Things, and TikTok stars Dixie and Charli D’Amelio, who insist the musical needs to be relevant to their age group and should be kept at “under a minute.”

There is some actual music involved, including a surprisingly catchy theme song with a “restore, restore our Earth” refrain, which gets a remix from DJ Steve Aoki starring “real birds.” 

The video is funny, but it also has a serious side as Nye steps in to provide facts about climate change and then turns the spotlight over to a group of young climate justice activists. Xiye Bastida, Jerome Foster II and Alexia Akbay share their stories of how they’re working to encourage action on climate change.

Come for the celebrities, stay for the Earth Day education.  

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