This Browser-Based, Endlessly Evolving Acid Music Generator Is My New Work-From-Home White Noise Machine

Working from home during the pandemic has been a challenge for someone used to a dead quiet house. While I typically rely on white noise to help me concentrate, it’s now been replaced with David Whiting’s Endless Acid Banger: a browser-based sequencer that generates random but very listenable Acid house music.


Using a randomized algorithm, The Endless Acid Banger autofills a sequencer with notes and four drum tracks that evolve and change over time as parameters are slowly tweaked and tracks are muted and unmuted. You’re able to tweak some of the parameters yourself (crank up the BPM if you’re on a tight deadline and want to boost your productivity—or your stress level) while regenerate buttons (⟳) can be used to randomize a track again. You can also just leave it running on total autopilot if all you’re interested in is endless background beats without any distracting samples or vocals.

Whiting—aka Vitling—has also provided the source code for The Endless Acid Banger for download on GitHub if you want to play around with it, or use it to churn out album after album of inoffensive club tunes.

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