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Shouts to the BTS Army. 

Guinness World Records

It will come as no surprise to the BTS Army to learn the video for the Korean megastars’ new English single Butter is setting new records.

The new single broke the record for the most viewers for the premiere of a video on YouTube with 3.9 million concurrent viewers for its premiere on May 21. It also set a record for most YouTube views within 24 hours of release. Butter hit 108.2 million views during that time frame, surpassing the group’s own 101.1 million view record for Dynamite. As of this writing, Butter’s at more than 236 million views. 

Want to know how many views it had in its first hour alone? Oh, you know, almost 19 million. About the same as the entire country of Chile watching the video in the first hour. No big deal.

And that’s just the start. According to Pop Base, it surpassed 10 million views in just 13 minutes — a record. 

But it’s breaking records outside YouTube as well, as Guinness World Records notes. After the single dropped on Spotify, it garnered more than 11 million global streams in just one day, making it the most-streamed Spotify track in the first 24 hours. The track beat Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber’s track I Don’t Care by 64,946 streams.

BTS also has up racked up an unrivaled number of streams on the platform. 

“These latest accolades brings BTS’ number of records up to an incredible 23 — making them one of the most successful music groups in Guinness World Records history, alongside other chart toppers like Ariana Grande, Mariah Carey, Madonna, and The Beatles,” Guinness notes. 

You can view the new video below.

Anyway, how good is it when Suga comes in? Damn. Smooth like butter.

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