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It’s already June, which means Prime Day is coming sometime in the next four weeks or so. But if you can’t wait for a potential deal on a top-notch home networking option, there’s a hot one running today at Amazon, where the Eero 3-pack is selling for $169 ($30 off), within $10 of its all-time low. Now, this is the older Eero hardware (not the newer Wi-Fi 6 model), and — fair warning — it may sell with a free Echo speaker thrown in if you wait for Amazon’s upcoming Prime Day sale. 

Those caveats notwithstanding, this is otherwise a great deal. And I can personally attest to that, as a happy Eero owner since last spring. Like everyone else, I had to convert my residence into a home office in 2020, and that meant configuring a corner of my bedroom as a workstation. Despite the fact that I have a one-bedroom apartment, the main router just one room over was effectively inaccessible — I was lucky to pull in email, let alone have enough bandwidth for a Zoom call. 

The obvious answer was a mesh network, which gives you multiple overlapping Wi-Fi access points for better coverage. And once I got the Eero triple-pack up and running, it was a new world: My speeds went from unusable to around 180 megabits per second. And setup was a dream, too. Eero delivers an Apple-style guided setup that you run through via the iOS or Android app on your phone. 

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More than a year later, I’ve rarely experienced hiccups or coverage problems, and I’m now a die-hard mesh network evangelist. If you have anything larger than a studio apartment, you should be opting for a mesh network setup. And with the best mesh networking systems often costing upwards of $250 or more, being able to get a three-pack for under $170 is a great deal.

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