10 of the Best Scanner Apps for Android

FineReader on Google Play on an Android phone.

FineReader on Google Play on an Android phone.
Photo: Pranay Parab

FineReader is an ad-supported PDF scanner for Android, but you can pay to remove ads and unlock extra features (such as unlimited OCR). This app claims to recognize text in 193 languages, which is far more than the 30 languages supported by Microsoft Lens, for example. It’s also good to know that OCR works offline on this app, in case you need to use the feature in a place without an internet connection.

FineReader’s automatic border capture feature works but it requires you to keep the phone and the document pretty steady; particularly under indoor lighting, you’ll end up with blurry scans if you don’t have a steady hand. It can also automatically sort photos from your gallery into different categories though, such as notes, business cards, and so on.

The free tier only allows you to use OCR with five images, and if you want more where that came from, you can pay $5 per month.

Price: Free (premium features cost $5 per month)

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