Adventure Time Fan-Favorites Fionna and Cake Are Getting Their Own Spin-Off Show

Adventure Time: Fionna and Cake Spin-Off Coming to HBO Max

The usual complaint about these AT side-stories is that they (rarely) have our pals Finn and Jake in them, and that’s who fans want to hang out with—understandable, given they’re the stars. But I think the “Together Again” installment of Distant Lands, which aired on May 20, beautifully and satisfyingly brought their story to a close. While Fionna and Cake are obviously similar to the O.G. duo, they’re still unique characters, and we’ve really only seen them in four of Adventure Time’s 283 (!) episodes. There’s a lot to explain about them, Prince Bubblegum, Marshall Lee, Ice Queen, and their world.

The half-hour, 10-episode series will be overseen by Adam Muto, who did the same for Distant Lands and the original cartoon, too. No date was announced, but at least the fourth and final installment of Distant Lands, starring the devious and arguably demonic Peppermint Butler, will arrive on HBO Max sometime this fall.

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