There’s Even More Live-Action Rick and Morty, and Oh No They Brought Pickles

Live action Rick and Morty Skits Refence Pickle Rick, Pilot

The second, C-137 (once again an actual reference, this time to the home dimension of the ‘main’ Rick in the multiverse), is a throwback to the original pilot of the show. Losing brain and bodily function on the floor after ingesting a mega-tree seed, poor Morty can do nothing as Lloyd digs into Rick’s “Rick and Morty forever, forever a hundred years” rant about their impending adventures.

Rick and Morty dot com, indeed. With the show’s latest season finale finally having dropped over the weekend after a considerable wait, we’re probably going to be in for the long haul getting to see more of the show. Time will tell if this is all we’re going to get of Lloyd and Martell’s riffing on the series, too, but hey—now that they’re out there in Rick and Morty’s multiverse the odds on them actually showing up down the line within the show rather than just for some fun little bumpers is much more likely than you’d think.

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