A Cardboard Mario Kart Arcade Cabinet Is the Ultimate Nintendo Labo Project

This Mario Kart Arcade Cabinet Is Made Entirely of Cardboard

DanCreator’s creation is a variation on the official arcade cabinet, given the Mario Kart Arcade software isn’t actually available for any of Nintendo’s consoles, and presumably never will be. Instead, hidden inside its cardboard frame is a Nintendo Switch connected to a TV running Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: a suitable alternative. There are some other electronics powering this creation, including speakers and LED accent lights, but otherwise the cabinet is entirely made from cardboard, including the steering wheel and gas pedal which both contain a motion-sensing Joy-Con, and an adjustable seat which looks not uncomfortable.

This creation probably wouldn’t last a day in a real arcade—cardboard does not mix well with spilled drinks—but for home use it’s an infinitely cheaper way to bring this game home. Sure, there’s probably a few hundred dollars worth of electronic parts and cardboard stock needed to build it, but that’s a far cry from the real Mario Kart Arcade cabinet’s $11,500 price tag.

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