Feds Confirm LAPD Bomb Squad Caused Huge Explosion by Detonating Way Too Many Fireworks

ATF Says LAPD Bomb Squad Caused Huge Neighborhood Explosion

The Times wrote that Hoffman told attendees the ATF had ruled out other possible causes, such as degradation of the containment vessel, a malfunction of its door mechanism. He added that the TCV was designed for repeated detonations of around 19 pounds of TNT equivalent, or up to 33 pounds of explosives at a single time (after which they would have to be returned to the manufacturer for analysis). The LAPD’s bomb technicians blew up 39.8 pounds of explosives at one time. The names of the officers involved have not been released.

According to the Times, LAPD Chief Michel Moore added during the meeting that bomb squad technicians had eyeballed the explosives rather than actually bothering to weigh them with a scale. Several individuals involved are no longer on the bomb squad and will not be making a return. (Of course, there’s no reason to believe those cops can’t take their lack of expertise to another town.) Moore added that all other protocols were correctly followed, other than the one that resulted in the LAPD bombing the neighborhood. He specifically cited officers going door to door to give evacuation notices, which locals contest, saying they were given an inadequate warning or mixed messages before the detonation.


The LAPD will now be making changes including no longer using a TCV to detonate explosives in residential areas, requiring that any explosives detonated be weighed, and “checks and balances” to ensure that step is taken, Moore added, the Times wrote.

“As trained professionals in one of the largest police departments in America, I still cannot fathom how the LAPD thought it was acceptable to merely eyeball unstable explosives in the middle of a densely populated neighborhood,” City Councilman Curren Price told the paper in a statement on Monday evening.


Attorneys representing locals have filed multiple legal claims for bodily injury and property destruction against the city of Los Angeles and the LAPD, citing the clear recklessness involved. A South Los Angeles man, 26-year-old Arturo Ceja III, has pleaded guilty to a federal charge of illegally transporting the fireworks that went up in the blast.

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