What If’s Midseason Trailer May Point to Another Massive Marvel Crossover Event

Marvel What If Midseason Teaser Teases Multiverse Crossover

In the new clips, there’s a brief exchange between a young Thor and the variant of Doctor Strange who became corrupted by the dark magics (Doctor Strange Supreme) about the presence of zombies. Though What If has yet to feature a Thor variant who has many lines, the dark Strange seems to be the same one from episode four, and the zombies the pair are discussing are likely from episode five, a fusion of the Marvel Zombies comics, Avengers: Infinity War, and Avengers Endgame.

Those details alone suggest that, somehow, elements of at least three branches of the multiverse all end up interacting with one another at some point in What If’s story. But the teaser also spotlights shots of other characters like Captain Marvel, Korg, and Iron Man. Iron Man’s appearance in a moment mirroring his snap at the end of Endgame is particularly interesting, as it points to What If coming back to that pivotal point in the MCU’s history. But given the way the show deviates from the canon (and the fact that it’s already sort of touched on beats from that film), it might mean that this snap exists in a different context.

What If’s also already given us an alternate version of Thanos who has little interest in exterminating half of the universe, meaning that he isn’t necessarily the person Iron Man’s using the Infinity Stones against. A world plagued with zombies certainly feels like the sort of thing the Avengers might want to use that for—but if that ends up being the case, it means the series is about to mash up the multiverse in some rather significant ways as it builds to the season one finale.

What If airs Wednesdays on Disney+.

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