The Best New Emoji Maybe Ever Just Got Approved (Along With 36 Others)

Unicode 14 Adds 37 New Emoji Including the Melting Face

However, the most popular new emojis will most likely be the new heart hands emoji (this one has been long overdue), the new troll emoji (finally, an icon to represent the most popular persona on the internet), or possibly the new hand with index finger and thumb crossed emoji, which apparently sees a lot of use among K-pop fans (don’t ask me, I’m not a BTS stan).

And even though it doesn’t immediately appear contentious, the new identification card emoji is likely to spark some vitriol given recent moves by New York and other states as they begin implementing vaccine passports in their communities.

New smiley faces in Unicode 14.0

Image: Emojipedia


Aside from the 37 new emoji which includes seven new smiley faces of various types, Unicode 14.0 is also adding 75 new skin tone variations, which brings the total number of new emoji to 112.

Unfortunately, while the latest batch of new emoji was officially approved this week, it may be another few months until they actually land on your phone or laptop, as there tends to be a bit of lag time between when new emoji get announced and when companies like Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, and others create customized versions of the new emoji for their devices/platforms.


So until then, here’s a salute to all the people who are itching to add some hidden meanings to all these new emojis, because I don’t think that new beans emoji is ever going to be used unironically.

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