Microsoft’s new Slim Pen 2 uses haptics to mimic the feeling of using a real pen

Microsoft has refreshed its Slim Pen to fit in the keyboard that magnetically fits into the Surface Pro 8’s keyboard. Notably, the Slim Pen 2 has a custom chip called Microsoft G6 and haptic functionality that aims to make writing and drawing feel more realistic. Microsoft says that it’s extending the haptic tech to work in several apps, and it showcased the stylus being used in Adobe Photoshop. The artist on display claimed that its sharper tip makes it easier to use and more responsive.

We’re still waiting to see how much the Slim Pen 2 will cost, when it will release, and what other features it’ll bring. But the brief intro makes it clear that Microsoft has integrated the stylus more deeply into the Surface ecosystem.

Developing… we’re adding more to this post, but you can follow along with our Surface hardware event live blog to get the news even faster.

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