12 Peacock Originals That Are Definitely Worth Watching

It’s tough to keep up with a daily soap schedule, and, even when you can make the time, the sometimes languid pacing (to ensure that viewers who can’t watch every day are able to keep up) can make watching a little bit of a grind. There are still plenty of charms to the genre, though, and there’s a reason that Days persists over half a century since its debut. Beyond Salem works as a standalone miniseries that sends some of the show’s most popular characters (veterans, newcomers, and a couple of returning stars) to the four corners of the earth on the hunt for a set of jewels stolen thirty years earlier by a mystery woman (possibly the Princess Gina Von Amberg, who’s actually a brainwashed Hope Brady, naturally). The jewels need to be restored to their setting in the Alamanian Peacock, so we’re definitely invited to think Infinity War, but with soap stars rather than superheroes. Honestly, this is no more or less goofy and just about as much fun. It’s also a great showcase for popular recent Salem émigré Jackée Harry, who’s clearly having an absolute blast.

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