Disaster Comedy Don’t Look Up Feels Way Too Real

Don’t Look Up Netflix Clip: DiCaprio, Lawrence, Streep, Hill

Production on the film began late last year and so it seems pretty clear this idea of ignoring science and peril was largely inspired by the modern world and the covid-19 pandemic. Even if it was written and conceived before that though, it remains to be seen whether the absurdist, political commentary will still play as entertaining and funny considering we’re living it every single day. Going by this clip though, it seems like it will. Hill and Streep’s over-the-top goofiness juxtaposed with Lawrence and DiCaprio’s intensity and seriousness works well. If the rest of the film nails that type of balance, Netflix might have something special.

Don’t Look Up debuts on Netflix on December 24 but it’ll be in select theaters before that, on December 10. 

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