Chevy Camaro to kick the bucket with final Collector’s Edition, report says – Roadshow

When’s the last time we had anything to say about this thing?


News surrounding the Chevrolet Camaro has been, well, nearly nonexistent for a while now. The silence continues to fuel rumors the pony car isn’t sticking around much longer. In that vein, according to a new report from Muscle Cars & Trucks, Chevy will show the Camaro the door for the 2024 model year with a final Collector’s Edition package. No Z/28, no more variants — just one final package for the car. Sigh.

MC&T first reported on the Collector’s Edition citing sources familiar with the matter, though YouTube channel Lethal Garage kick-started the conversation. The Collector’s Edition may not be the final name, but it should include plenty of gear to keep the Camaro faithful happy, plus stripes, unique badges and the whole shebang. Expect a single exterior color choice of yellow. According to the report, Chevy plans to build just 2,000 of these cars, but customers will be able to order the trimmings for the LT, SS and ZL1 models.

Chevy declined to comment on the news and the future of the Camaro nameplate in general.

It remains to be seen what GM plans for the storied nameplate, but with each passing day, it feels like the Camaro’s heading toward the horizon. Perhaps the automaker has electric plans for its pony car one day, or maybe it’ll be laid to rest for good. We already had to deal with the Camaro dying once, so at least fans have seen this show before.

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