Watch a Rare Warhammer Model Become the Most Expensive in the World

Rare Warhammer Thunderhawk Kit Sells for Record $35,000

The Thunderhawk Gunship—a Space Marine warship that’s essentially part heavy assault fighter and part troop transport for the massive, armored troopers of Humanity’s Imperium—has had several models since this rare 1997 release. The current one, for example, will set you back a still-hefty $770. What makes the original Thunderhawk so rare is that not only is it an all-metal kit (the modern one is resin, and therefore won’t make your arms buckle when you try to pick it up), but it was part of an extremely limited production run. Games Workshop produced a few for its own displays at conventions in the mid-‘90s, but then put the set to retail for $650 in 1997, where just 500 were made, and placed in numbered, lavish wooden boxes.

Assembled and unassembled versions of the kit have previously sold for a fraction of the price of the one here—according to Polygon, anywhere between $3,000 to $5,000. That makes Squidmar Miniature’s paint job on the already rare model add a frankly bananas amount to the frenzy around its auction. I’ll never complain at a box of five elves on kangaroos costing $60 ever again.

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