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Looking for a new coat for the fall and winter? Check out this Macy’s deal on Women’s coats that gives you up to 30% off using the offer code VIP. There are trendy coats from Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Cole Haan and more. These aren’t run-of-the-mill coats you’ll swap out every year, because designer brands are typically tailored well and offers quality construction — so while you won’t pay full price, you will still like pay at the least $150 for one of these coats. Think of this deal as a way to finally get your hands on a coat you’ve been eyeing for a while.

There are a variety of coats to choose from. Some are better suited for the fall as they might be a bit thinner and winter coats a bit thicker. Obviously, if you’re someone who like thinner coats, layering helps keep you protected. It’s worked for me during the harsh winters as a Chicago native. On Macy’s website, you’ll find belted wrap, buckle collar, double-breasted coats alongside other fashionable styles. If you’re looking for a deeper discount, you can certainly wait until Black Friday and see, but the coat you want might be gone by then and so weigh your options.

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