Get Neo: The World Ends with You for $45 (save $15) – CNET


I remember buying the first game in this series for my Nintendo DS back in 2007 — it was summer, and I was eager to part with my hard-earned cash. The game wowed me with its unique storyline and combat system, making me eager for the next installment. If you’re anything like me, you were excited to play Neo: The World Ends with You when it launched earlier this year. But maybe you were also waiting for a better price. No judgement here; a lot has changed since 2007, and I’ll take any deal I can get for a game. Fortunately, Amazon has a deal made just for us. Right now, you can get this game for $45, saving you $15

The only catch here is that this deal is for the actual physical copy of the game for Nintendo Switch and for the PS4 and PS5. So sorry “digital only” players, that version is still listed at the original $60 price. If you’re happy with the physical copy, get this game as soon as you can and return to Shibuya to explore good music and an epic tale.

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