Cyberpunk Video Game System Shock May Get a Live-Action TV Series

System Shock Live Action TV Show Announced

As you can see, it’s a very evocative setting, but like most classic first-person shooters there’s not a ton of narrative to it. The player gets fed information and mission objectives from Rebecca Golding, a “TriOptimum counter-terrorism consultant” (TriOptimum owns the space station), which are mainly about thwarting the myriad ways SHODAN plans to attack humanity. There are also various log discs and emails the player can find, that flesh out the work and the lives of the people on the space station before they were murdered/mutated, which certainly adds some depth, but there’s going to need to be a lot added to turn this into a TV show.

The reason I’m hedging my bets and saying System Shock may get a TV series is because I’m somewhat skeptical of Binge’s ability to… uh… exist. The service was announced this past June, and despite supposedly coming in 2022, it’s only revealed one other series based on Driver, another old video game series. Two shows do not a streaming service make, and Binge has released no other details about what’s coming other than “exclusive shows, premium channels, and original live-action series where your favorite games come to life” which is extremely vague, especially when 2022 is just around the corner.

Hopefully I’m wrong and we’ll all be enjoying System Shock: The TV Series on Binge sometime next year. But I don’t believe I’ll be holding my breath.

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