Halloween Kills Co-Stars Talk About the Mystery of Michael Myers

Oh shit, it actually IS Anthony Michael Hall. When I saw him in the trailer I thought for sure it was Terry Serpico.

Just like when Season 3 of Cobra Kai had Kreese’s evil sgt in Vietnam show up, I was certain it was Anthony Michael Hall, but it turned out it was Terry Serpico.

Anyway, I think Anthony Michael Hall is great, and I applaud his ability to live and thrive with the full knowledge there is an unholy doppelganger of him going around and getting good roles. Knowledge like that could easily make a man homicidal, but Mr. Hall perserveres. Good on him. If I ever saw a doppelganger of myself out and about, I would sprint towards it at a lung-rending speed and pummel it into dust with no hesitation.

(Did you know he was almost the Matthew Modine character in Full Metal Jacket? How different would BOTH their careers have been if that had gone down.)

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