Y: The Last Man’s Elliot Fletcher Breaks Down Sam, the Show’s Most Interesting Guy

Y: The Last Man’s Elliot Fletcher Talks Transgender Character

Faced with the very real possibility of there no longer being a place for artists like himself in a world that, understandably, is a bit more focused on survival rather than creative expression, Sam’s friendship with Hero has taken on a new level of intensity that’s distinct from the relationship they had before the end times. In a recent episode, Sam and Hero found themselves on a mattress and compelled to kiss one another—something suggesting the possibility of potential romantic complications between the two down the line. From Fletcher’s perspective, though, in that moment, what Sam took away from that kiss was the a sobering reminder of how dire their situation is, and how much he doesn’t want to lose Hero as a friend.

“He comes back in and realizes where they are, what the situation is, and that this isn’t just another one of their random makeout sessions when they’re drunk,” Fletcher said. “This is a very serious moment, and it means much more than it used to. For him, there’s a lot of weight on that kiss, and he’s not sure in that moment that she feels the same.”

Y: The Last Man airs Mondays on FX on Hulu.

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