Locke & Key Season 2 Might Be Bloodier Than Its Fictional Slasher Movie

Locke and Key Splattering Movie Trailer and Season 2 Clip

Yeah, the trailer for the film within the TV show turns into a stealth clip for Locke & Key’s second season, and it’s a doozy. It turns out the villainous Dodge, who the Locke kids thought they’d defeated at the end of season one but is currently masquerading as Gabe (Griffin Gluck) and Eden (Hallea Jones) are among those watching the trailer. But being shot with a demon bullet clearly has some residual effects for poor Eden including 1) hunger and 2) a gleeful willingness to murder sleazy assholes who comment on women’s appearances.

What’s shocking about this scene—even more shocking than learning the Savinis managed to get ahold of a flamethrower for The Splattering—is how gruesomely violent this scene is. Sure, Locke & Key is a horror-suspense series but this is some straight-up gore, a new dimension (pun not intended) for the show to dabble in. It’s also worth noting that Eden is just sitting behind the snack counter at an extremely crowded theater, covered in blood, without a care in the world. This utter disregard for staying under the radar will presumably be a major problem for the good guys and bad guys alike.

Based on the comics by Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodríguez, Locke & Key’s second season premieres on October 22, just a hair over a week away. It must be pretty good, since Netflix has already ordered season three!

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