New Army of Thieves Trailer Is Heavy on Robbery, Light on Zombies

Zack Snyder Army of the Dead Prequel Netflix Trailer

As is evident from that new trailer, Army of Thieves is not a zombie movie. Zombies are part of its world, but not this specific story. It’s an example of how Snyder and his team are hoping to take that first, core movie and expand it in all sorts of new and different ways into a true, original Snyderverse.

“We really liked the idea that it’s set at a time where the zombies existed in the world, but it’s not a zombie film,” producer Deborah Snyder said a few months back. “Who’s done a prequel where it’s a different genre [of] film? To me this is more of a romantic, comedy, heist film than anything else. [It just] happens to live in this world where zombies are in the U.S. and it’s causing the banking system some instability.”

Army of Thieves will be out October 29. Are you excited for the film? How do you think it’ll compare to Army of the Dead?

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Cobra Kai Season 4 Teaser Reveals Release Date and New Threats

Cobra Kai Season 4 Release Date Revealed, New Netflix Teaser

One of the many, many joys in Cobra Kai (which was just nominated for multiple Emmys by the way) is how its creators Jon Hurwitz, Hayden Schlossberg, and Josh Heald tell not just a compelling story blending the new and old generations, it’s how they choose to pay homage to the original movies. Last season it was a trip to Okinawa like in Karate Kid Part II, where Daniel saw some old friends in Kumiko (Tamlyn Tomita) and Chozen (Yuji Okumoto). Later they even brought back Ali, Elizabeth Shue’s character from the first film.

Now, we know they’re bringing back Karate Kid Part III’s Terry Silver and it opens a huge can of worms. But each season always has one or two big surprises beyond what’s revealed before, and you have to wonder what they have in store not just for this season, but next season. Oh, did you forget? Cobra Kai has already been renewed for season five.

Will you be binging all of Cobra Kai season four when it’s out December 31? What surprise would you most like to see? Tell us below.

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In Dead & Beautiful’s Trailer, the Pursuit of Decadence Leads to Horror

Dead & Beautiful Trailer: Rich Asian Kids Turn Into Vampires

This doesn’t come up in the trailer, but you have to wonder: how do you admire your perfect outfit and hairstyle if you can’t even see your reflection? Here’s the official summary for Dead & Beautiful: “In Dead & Beautiful, five rich, spoiled Asian twenty-somethings (Gijs Blom, Aviis Zhong, Yen Tsao, Philip Juan, Anechka Marchenko) are suffering from upper class ennui, unsure how to spend their days when so little is expected from them. In search of excitement, the five friends form the ‘Circle,’ a group where they take turns designing a unique, extravagant experience for the others. But things go wrong when the privileged urbanites awaken after a night out, to find they have developed vampire fangs and an unquenchable thirst for flesh, blood, and adventure at any price.”

The characters might be fairly unlikeable (“upper class ennui,” poor you!) but that feels deliberate in this context, which looks to be leaning into the stylish glamour factor rather than a storyline with deep substance. But when a film looks this full of eye candy (and potentially…knowingly campy?), it’s hard not to be intrigued. Written and directed by David Verbeek, Dead & Beautiful will play Fantastic Fest in Austin, TX on September 25 before arriving November 4 on Shudder in North America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Badass Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear in Canadian National Park

Badass Mountain Goat Kills Grizzly Bear in Canadian National Park

Grizzly bear attacks on mountain goats are actually quite common. A video taken in 2018 near Mount Bosworth, also in British Columbia, shows a mountain goat, along with her kid, seeking refuge on a cliff during an unsuccessful bear attack.


More: New details emerge about bee swarm attack that left 63 penguins dead.

4 Mike Flanagan Horror Movies to Watch After Midnight Mass

I first saw Flanagan’s feature debut—which he wrote, edited, and directed—in 2011 when it was making the horror film festival rounds, and it stuck with me. When he started making much bigger films, I remembered his name and had an “Ah yes, that’s the guy who made that skin-crawling Absentia movie that gave me nightmares” epiphany. The perfect combo of mundane setting (a suburban neighborhood with an access tunnel at the end of the block) and uncanny situation (that tunnel is not what it seems), Absentia also makes great use of characters who feel like real people: a weary woman (Courtney Bell) who’s finally ready to move on from her long-missing husband, both legally and emotionally, and her equally weary sister (Katie Parker), whose attempts at staying sober are challenged when the supernatural makes an unexpected appearance. Absentia is streaming on Shudder.

Where can you watch Oculus (2013)?

Movies about haunted mirrors aren’t all that uncommon—Snow White got there first, but you could make a mini-festival with 1969’s Fear No Evil, 1974’s From Beyond the Grave, 1980’s The Boogeyman, and 1993’s Amityville: A New Generation, and this film, based on a short Flanagan made in 2005. The implied “reflecting the evil within myself” message these tales lend themselves to can sometimes feel heavy-handed, and while Oculus isn’t quite on the level of Flanagan’s greatest works, it still crafts a deeply disturbing story exploring themes that clearly fascinate the filmmaker, since he’s returned to them multiple times. These include fraught sibling relationships, the overwhelming temptation to return to a location where a Very Bad Thing has happened (even though you know you shouldn’t), and the idea that a terrible family trauma can reverberate for years in alarming ways—especially when that trauma involves something malevolently supernatural. The cast includes a pre-Guardians of the Galaxy, post-Doctor Who Karen Gillen and Battlestar Galactica’s Katee Sackhoff, as well as Annalise Basso (who’s also in Ouija: Origin of Evil) and Kate Siegel (who’s been in almost everything that Flanagan, her spouse since 2016, has done since). Oculus is streaming on Amazon Prime.

Where can you watch Ouija: Origin of Evil (2016)?

Clue will likely always reign supreme as the greatest movie based on a board game, but Ouija: Origin of Evil is so entertaining it more than justifies its existence. No small thing considering it’s the prequel to 2014’s Ouija, a movie that made us long for the 1980s excess of Witchboard and absolutely did not need any sort of follow-up. However, we’re glad it got one, because the end result brought Flanagan (who directed, edited, and co-wrote with Jeff Howard) together with future Hill House stars Elizabeth Reaser, Lulu Wilson, and Henry Thomas in a 1960s-set tale of a widow with two daughters, one Ouija board, and a family home with a hell of a dark secret buried in the basement. Ouija: Origin of Evil is streaming on HBO Max.


Where can you watch Doctor Sleep (2019)?

Much like Ouija—but for entirely different reasons—nobody was really crying out for a sequel to The Shining. But Stephen King wrote one, and fortunately the inevitable sequel found its way into Flanagan’s filmography, bringing us a film that pays homage to both King’s original and sequel novels and Stanley Kubrick’s much-loved (by everyone except King, seemingly) 1980 film. Doctor Sleep might not be as scary as The Shining, but it’s a visually dazzling showcase for Flanagan, who somehow makes dread, despair, decay, and a plot that involves a lot of people going into their own heads feel dynamic and exciting, not to mention lush and gorgeous. He’s obviously found a very fruitful niche in the realm of Netflix horror series (after Midnight Mass, he’s got another series, The Midnight Club) but eventually—hopefully—he’ll return to the big screen one of these days. Doctor Sleep is streaming on Amazon Prime.


Midnight Mass begins streaming on Netflix on Friday, September 24.

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I Know What You Did Last Summer’s New Trailer Reminds Us That Murder Is on the Menu

I Know What You Did Last Summer TV Series Full Trailer Released

If you are unfamiliar with the book, the movie, or failed to watch the trailer above for some reason, here’s the official synopsis:


“One year after the fatal car accident that haunted their graduation night, a group of teenagers find themselves bound together by a dark secret and stalked by a brutal killer. As they try to piece together who’s after them, they reveal the dark side of their seemingly perfect town—and themselves. Everyone is hiding something, and uncovering the wrong secret could be deadly.”

While the movie portrayed the accidental killers as real people who made a bad choice on the spur of the moment, this trailer for the I Know What You Did Last Summer TV series seemingly paints its cast solely as self-entitled teens, which if true will make it very tough to care about these characters’ lives. It’s often satisfying to watch a slasher murder a bad person, but that’s not particularly scary—and it will be even less scary if extended to an entire TV series.

But this is merely a trailer, and there’s no reason to believe that somehow Wan, creator of The Conjuring universe and producer of Saw and Insidious franchises, has suddenly lost his touch. We’ll see when this show, which is clearly set during two summers in Hawaii, premieres October 15 on Amazon Prime.

I Saw What You Did Last Summer stars Madison Iseman, Bill Heck, Brianne Tju, Ezekiel Goodman, Ashley Moore, Sebastian Amoruso, Fiona Rene, Cassie Beck, and Brooke Bloom.

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The Muppets Are Dead as Hell in the First Haunted Mansion Trailer

Muppets Haunted Mansion Trailer: Halloween Special, Will Arnett

Neither the frog nor the shrimp makes a fuss about the odd vibes coming from the Ghost Host (Will Arnett) who greets them, or the way that the subjects of paintings on the walls appear to move on their own. Gonzo and Pepe are that dense, though, and once they come face to face with some of the mansion’s residents who are clearly reaching out from beyond the grave—Yvette Nicole Brown (as The Hearse Driver), Darren Criss (as The Caretaker), and Taraji P. Henson (as The Bride) to name a few who may or may not be living—it’s all they can do not to run screaming for their lives.

It’s not yet clear if the Muppets will make a nod to Disney’s previous narrative feature adaptation of the Haunted Mansion ride (or the upcoming one), but what’s certain is that the new story will be packed with a number of celebrity cameos (some of whom are definitely going to sing) including Alfonso Ribeiro, the late Ed Asner, Danny Trejo, Sasheer Zamata, Skai Jackson, Craig Robinson, John Stamos, Chrissy Metz, Geoff Keighley, Jeannie Mai, and Kim Irvine.

Muppets Haunted Mansion hits Disney+ on October 8.

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Megan Fox Is Just One of Many Vampires Ruining a Driver’s Life in Netflix’s Night Teeth

Netflix Night Teeth Trailer: Vampires Meet Uber, Megan Fox

As the night goes on and Benny’s observation of the two only finds weirder and weirder things to focus on, his evening slips from rideshare hell to unholy nightmare when he uncovers they’re both actually vampires, out for a night of blood-sucking, beatings, and… inter-vampire gang fighting that swaps out the guns for stake-firing crossbows? Hell yeah. Naturally, Benny doesn’t take too kindly to the situation he’s thrust into, even as he’s forced to continue driving the pair around, so it looks like Night Teeth will eventually become a bit more of a full-on vampire horror as he tries to escape their clutches (and find some pretty disconcerting banks of living humans being fed upon in the process). But judging by that hand wound he gets later on in the trailer, maybe Benny will have more than just a dead-end driver’s job and also passengers from a more literal definition of hell to worry about by the time his night’s over.

We’ll find out when Night Teeth hits Netflix on October 20.

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The Sam Neill-Starring Invasion Looks Like Every Alien Invasion Movie Rolled Into One

Invasion Trailer: Sam Neill Stars in Apple TV+ Alien Series

Kinberg is the big name producer but the show is also from David Weil (Hunters) with all 10 episodes directed by Jakob Verbruggen (The Alienist). It’s a stacked list of talent, to be sure, and the idea of a big-budget, well-paced series about an alien invasion is rather appetizing. The possibilities are endless, especially once you get into how and/or if the aliens and humans interact and where things might go from there. From this trailer, you can definitely see that these first 10 episodes will be about how the Earth changes, in all ways, with these new aliens.

As for the aliens themselves, they feel almost floral, do they not? Like something out of the third act of James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad? Their ability to communicate—both with the characters and the audience—in a dramatic way could be a big part of if Invasion works or does not. It’s hard to tell if they’ll be memorable from this trailer.

But that’s kind of Apple TV+’s M.O. at this point. Most of its shows, even new Emmy winner Ted Lasso, don’t explode out of the gate. Shows like Central Park, Mythic Quest, and For All Mankind arrived with relatively no fanfare and have since built up big, passionate fanbases because they’re genuinely well-done. That’s gotta be the hope and expectation for Invasion as well.

Invasion’s first three episodes debut on Apple TV+ October 22, with the remaining episodes arriving each subsequent Friday. Are you gonna watch? Let us know below.

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The Tragedy of Macbeth’s Teaser Is Haunting as All Hell

Tragedy of Macbeth Teaser: Joel Coen Directs Denzel Washington

The black-and-white pallette, the aspect ratio, the way these soliloquies and famous scenes—like Macbeth’s encounter with the Three Witches—are all framed, The Tragedy of Macbeth looks like a haunting take on Shakespeare’s original work. Even more so than a play as dark as Macbeth is already. But it also looks, lovingly so, quite like less of a widely scaled film adaption and instead riffing on its stage production roots. Time will tell just how faithful to the original work Coen stays, but so far it seems to be a pretty direct take on Macbeth’s narrative and form in the first place. I mean this in the nicest way: this looks like a big budget recording of a theater showing, with one hell of a cast and shot through a Coen lens, and that’s just the most perfect kind of Christmas gift we could possibly ask for.

The Tragedy of Macbeth will release simultaneously in theaters and on Apple TV+ on December 25. Try not to break a leg before it drops!

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