Wednesday’s Best Deals: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra, UGG Bedsheets, Joker Comics, 18TB External HDD, Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine, Kirby Art Book, and More

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G and UGG bedsheets lead Wednesday’s best deals.

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Samsung’s long-running Galaxy Note line has delivered some serious large and feature-rich Android phones over the years, and they’ve been consistently super expensive and packed with a pop-out S Pen stylus. Last fall’s Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is the apex of the line: larger, more luxurious-feeling, and even more feature-rich than ever. Also the most expensive ever.

As Gizmodo’s Sam Rutherford wrote:

“Frankly, the S-Pen is just a bonus, and when it comes to taking notes during meetings or just drawing silly captions on photos, I’m glad it’s still around. But even without it, the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is still so much more thoughtful and refined than the S20 Ultra, or any other super premium phone. Yes, even at $1,300, this thing is still exceedingly expensive, but at long last, Samsung has finally made something truly worthy of that ‘Ultra’ tag.”

But if you’ve been eyeing the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G, now might be the time to strike: Amazon is taking $375 off the list price in all three colors as its Deal of the Day. Yes, that’s still $925 for a phone—but a 29% knock is hard to ignore if you’ve been considering the Note 20 Ultra anyway. And remember that the new, stylus-less Galaxy S21 line is also on sale this week!

Charge your phone and your MacBook too. This 65W PD block from RAVPower is half the size of Apple’s boxy MacBook Pro adapter and for a fraction of the price. At $30 with our exclusive promo code KJ99FHNOW5 and the on-site coupon, you can’t beat this two-port USB-C plug.

Plus, the price difference is substantial. A 61W charger from Apple is $69, a difference of 57%. Save your $39 for the apocalypse, not an inferior power supply. And hook your phone up to a source that’s both portable and powerful, with this special limited time offer. It’ll also work with other phones, tablets, and laptops, not to mention the Nintendo Switch.

Look, it’s not my job to ask questions. I scour the internet for deals and present them to you with minimal commentary. All I hope is that I’ve saved you a few bucks on something you were going to be buy anyway. That’s really all I’m aiming for here. So if for some reason you have need for an 18TB external hard drive, well, more power to you. Maybe you work in film. Maybe you are the government. Don’t know, don’t care! Just going to tell you that Best Buy is selling this 18TB USB 3.0 hard drive for $330 today. I’m not going to follow up and ask why you possibly need this much space, because I’m sure you have a good answer. And even if you don’t, that’s none of my concern!

A few of these have turned up on the site, and I’ve even tested one or two; this one is a fan favorite of SideDeal. These sanitizers can sterilize basically anything you can fit in it them, and I’ve just started adding my face masks. Take 86% off this UV Phone Sanitizer today. And with two you put them in different locations in your home or share.

If you’ve never seen or used a sanitizer like this, it’s all pretty user-friendly. Do you remember the five-second rule as a kid? Well, this Sharper Image one is governed by the five-minute rule. Yup, in just five minutes, your items will be almost 100% free of gross microorganisms. I absolutely recommend using the aromatherapy function. Sometimes these sanitizers can leave your stuff smelling slightly zapped. ::insert shrug emoji:: But anything you can think of will get all-around disinfection in this little pod. Earbuds, toothbrushes, watches, keys, glasses, and jewelry are all ready to be germ-free and keep you safer in a newer, cleaner world.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Bring home the convenience of wireless charging at a bargain price thanks to this discounted two-pack of Yootech wireless charging stands. They’ll charge any Qi-compatible phones, including recent iPhones and top Androids from Samsung, Google, and more at a max speed of 10W. Better yet, they’ll do it while keeping your phone screen upright and visible, which is ideal when charging while working at your desk.

Yootech’s chargers are very well-reviewed on Amazon, with a 4.6-star rating from 16,900+ customer appraisals, and right now you can snag a two-pack of these wireless charging stands for just $22 when you clip the coupon on the page. They come with the USB A-to-C cables, but not the power bricks—but you may already have some of those kicking around.

Are you the friend constantly asking if anyone has a charger? Or pre-pandemic, were you asking bartenders if you could plug your phone in somewhere? The second option is probably not on the table now, so what better way to solve the problem than by grabbing this Aukey 20,000mAh power bank for just $28. Just clip the coupon and see the savings appear at checkout. This deal will expire on February 28.

I’ve had Aukey products before and really like them. This power bank is a great deal at 22% off. I personally like to have a portable charger with me at all times. I’m not too fond of seeing the battery level go to red, not knowing where or when I can charge it next. This power bank shines with its foldable stand, which allows for hands-free phone viewing while it charges, which it can do cable-free thanks to the built-in Qi wireless functionality.

It’s a bit hefty, but it can charge an iPhone 12 up to 50% in just thirty minutes. The charger itself takes about three hours before it’s fully charged, and you can hit the road. This pack comes with a user manual and a 24-month AUKEYCARE Card.

True wireless earbuds aren’t a necessity, but their convenience can’t be disputed. If you’re eyeing a good pair of buds, but need something that’s more Android-friendly than Apple’s AirPods or more affordable than Jabra’s Elite 85t, Samsung’s Galaxy Buds+ are down to $110 on Amazon right now.

These noise-cancelling headphones feature up to 25 hours of battery life, support for Google Assistant, Siri, and Amazon Alexa, and customizable fit. In her review of the Galaxy Buds+ last February, Gizmodo’s Caitlin McGarry commended the earbuds for their solid sound quality, long battery life, and price point. It’s worth noting, though, that the model on sale does not include the wireless charging case.


Google’s Chromebook laptops are a sensation: they’re super affordable while still highly functional, and it’s possible to get a convertible 2-in-1 device at a surprisingly low price. Here’s a prime example: right now, Samsung’s Chromebook Plus V2 is just $350 at Amazon, a savings of $150 off the list price.

This Chrome OS-powered notebook has a Full HD 12.2” touch display and folds inside-out to take on a tablet-like form. On top of that, there’s a built-in stylus pen that you can pop out and use for sketching, taking notes, and more. This is a super-handy entry-level laptop with perks, and can be great for personal use or even the kids’ e-learning needs. Grab this bargain while it lasts!

If you’re looking for a pair of reliable in-ear headphones, I would check out Aukey EP-N7 True Wireless Earbuds. They’re only $52 with the promo code KINJAN720. You’ll be able to block out the world around you and concentrate with hybrid noise-canceling, which means that they’ll automatically detect and cancel up to 35dB of ambient noise.

There is a built-in mic for video calls and you’ll get up to 25 hours of battery life with 1.5 hours of continuous charge. Yes, you’ll receive a USB-C cord as well as the wireless charging case. I’ve tested this pair, and unless you’re trying to debut your singing skills on TikTok like I did this weekend, it’s the perfect pair to accomplish all your day-to-day tasks and listen to tunes.

Apple doesn’t ship a wall charger with the iPhone 12 line, which it says is for the environment, but potentially leaves you with a $699+ phone that you can’t charge right out of the box. You’ll need a wall charger with a USB-C port to use the cable that’s in the iPhone 12’s box, or you could charge with an old iPhone brick and Lightning-to-USB cable, but it’ll be at lower speeds.

Here’s an affordable way to both fix that omission and ensure that you’re well covered. Right now, RAVPower is offering a two-pack of its 20W USB-C PD wall chargers for just over $11 at Amazon right now when you clip the coupon.

These little guys are about as small as the old, less-powerful Apple wall chargers, but still pump out enough power to charge your new phone at full speed. Apple’s own single 20W charger is $19, by the way. And you can use these to charge other devices, too, such as Android smartphones, AirPods, and the Nintendo Switch. They’re very handy to have around if you don’t already have a pile of power bricks.

There are a lot of very obvious AirPods-inspired wireless earbuds out there right now, but Samsung’s recent Galaxy Buds Live are different: they look like lil’ beans that you pop into your ears. These aural legumes are plenty powerful, however, packing active noise cancellation and strong audio quality. And the shape actually works well, as Gizmodo reviewer Sam Rutherford described:

“The Galaxy Buds Live are quite comfortable, and when combined with their relatively petite dimensions and low profile, they are some of the most unobtrusive wireless headphones on the market. In fact, I’ve even fallen asleep while wearing them and they are right up there with the Pixel Buds as being one of the most comfortable earbuds in my ears. And when it comes to staying in place during exercise, even after a sweaty one-mile run, the Galaxy Beans never budged.”

Save $30 off the list price in all four colors at Amazon right now.

I mentioned to a friend I was testing these; they had no idea that Yamaha made audio items like this. They thought the company was only keyboards. While yes, they have made/make great musical instruments, they’ve taken that commitment to quality to audio products. Specifically their new TW-E3A True Wireless Earbuds. These are currently $39 less and worth every penny.

First off, they paired perfectly and quickly with my phone. The sound is really clear, specifically when I was listening to my favorite podcasts. They are also very comfortable and stayed firmly in my ears as I trudged eleven blocks on errands in the snow. Unlike other less expensive earbuds, I absolutely see the difference in not having to fuss with finding the right position to get the most dynamic sound. The microphone was a little murky on the calls I made, but that could very well be on the cellular provider. I had these in for quite a few hours while writing, and again they’re extremely comfortable. I got a full steady five hours of playtime before I popped them back in their very pretty matte case. Yamaha boasts twenty-four hours of battery life off one charge, and I absolutely believe that given my experience. As with all earbuds, the “simple controls” take some time to get used to, but I can say these are a lot more responsive initially with a single tap. These are sweat and water-resistant, so don’t be afraid to take these to your next gym session. The blue earbuds are the only ones that are 30% off, while the other colors are 23% off.

This will ship for free for Prime members.

Are you ready to play a nice, wholesome fighting game with your friends? Cool. I hope that works out for you! Anyways, Mortal Kombat 11: Ultimate Edition is on sale for $35, and it’s a game where you destroy a man’s skeleton until he dies. If you’re confused by all the different re-releases and DLC packs for the game, all you need to know is this: the Ultimate Edition has it all. You’ll get Kombat Packs I and II, Shao Kahn, and the Aftermath expansion. So if you’re looking for an easy way to get all of the game’s content, this is the package you’re looking for. Play it just in time to be let down by April’s new Mortal Kombat movie!

Deep breaths, deep breaths. Yakuza: Like a Dragon is down to $28 on Xbox and $38 on PS4 at Amazon, which is a very low price considering it came out in November. When I bought the game, it was still full price, and the drops only started a few days after that. Isn’t that funny? I figured, “There’s no way it’ll get discounted this early.” And then it went down to $50! Great, I love that for everyone that is not me! Lo and behold, I’ve woken up today and here we are at $27. Extremely cool and I’m happy for everyone who had the foresight to wait a few months. Anyway, Like a Dragon is the latest in the Yakuza series, which just seems to get increasingly weirder as time goes on. The biggest change this time around is a pivot to turn-combat, a departure for the series. You can also do a bunch of wacky and mundane side-missions like can collecting and go karting and that’s really the selling point here, frankly.

Cloud gaming doesn’t look like it’s going away any time soon. Google Stadia just celebrated its one-year anniversary by making Destiny 2 free to play (though it also just dismantled its original game development team), Amazon recently threw its hat in the ring with Luna, and Microsoft’s own cloud service is coming to iOS next year. Whether or not cloud gaming is the future of gaming, it’s certainly going to become more available in 2021. If you’re looking to dip your toe in, you’re going to want a proper controller setup. Razer currently has the best solution out there with the Kishi, a gamepad attachment that essentially turns your phone into a handheld system. You can currently grab a Kishi for $58 at Amazon and try for yourself. This version is compatible with Android devices, and is designed with Microsoft’s cloud gaming service in mind. and features a Type-C port and button layout that mirrors the Xbox controller’s.

I’ll be honest: I don’t know much about Shenmue. All I know if that it’s kind of cheesy. I’m not even sure if the love for it is ironic or not. The one thing I do know is that it has a scene about looking for sailors and it’s iconic. So, maybe 2021 is the year to play Shenmue? I mean, not a lot else going on, I guess, right? Why not play all three Shenmue games? If you’re looking to join me on this arbitrary journey I just decided on in this 7:30 a.m. haze, Shenmue III is on sale for $10 on Best Buy right now. It includes a steelbook case for the game, so you can just become a Shenmue super fan right out the gate. I just hope there are sailors in the game. I would be sad if he never found the sailors.

If you’re a big fan of catching ‘em all, then here’s a more affordable way to complete your collection on Switch. Right now, a few Pokémon games are marked down $15 apiece.

Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Rescue Team DX, a Switch remake of a Game Boy Advance dungeon-crawling spinoff, is $45 at Best Buy or Amazon, while Pokémon-meets-Tekken fighting game mash-up Pokkén Tournament DX is likewise $45 at either Amazon or Best Buy. Meanwhile, Pokémon: Let’s Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let’s Go, Eevee!, both remakes of the original Pokémon handheld game, are each $45 at Best Buy.

Do you currently enjoy many close and cherished relationships with friends and family? Would you like to absolutely ruin all of those in the blink of an eye? Well do I have a deal for you! Amazon is currently selling Overcooked! All You Can Eat for PlayStation 5 or Xbox (Series X/S or One) for $35. That’s a savings of $15 off the list price for this complete compilation, which brings together both games with all additional content.

These are fantastic multiplayer games where players need to work together to run a kitchen. Sounds simple enough, right? You have no idea how wrong you are, naïve fool. Overcooked! is a game about chaos in cooperation. Simple tasks like making a hamburger become a nightmare as four people all try to coordinate to make it together. It’s essentially the old “too many cooks” adage adapted into a video game.

UGG is a brand that flies off the shelves once it’s on sale. This is a really great deal on their sheets, but you’re going to have to do a little work. There are eight colors still available in various sizes and at different prices. The best value of all of these seems to be the Queen Set in Snow. These premium sheets are % off, and they’re the softest blend of woven polyester microfiber. These are comfortable and chic. The snow color is nice as it won’t clash with the decor you already have. But again, play around with the other options, and you might find a better fit for your bedroom. If not, snag these for $20 less. Buy quickly, though; these will all be gone very soon.

Free shipping on orders over $39.

Winter is the prime season for the crockpot. I grew up with a mom that had a very cool retro one from the 70s and she made almost everything during the cold months in it. If you’ve ever wondered about cooking with a crockpot I highly suggest it. And if you can get it for a great price what not? Take $70 off this Crock-Pot Express 6-Quart Multi-Cooker for the rest of the day at Best Buy.

The crockpot is a pretty versatile appliance and can make a million different things. I guess that’s how it got its multi-cooker name. With one-touch cooking settings, it is easy to operate no matter your needs. You can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, and/or steam. I have a cousin who almost exclusively cooks with her crockpot. And I get it. These are all-in-one machines that make dishes 70% faster than traditional cooking. This size is perfect for a big fam or if you love to meal prep. It’s simple to clean out and stays locked until pressure is released to keep you safe. And you’re saving $70.

This item ships for free.

You can’t make me do it. You can’t ask me to write up a post about this Tauntaun sleeping bag, which is on sale for $100 at GameStop, and expect me to write a joke about how it smells. Sure, it seems obvious to write a headline line “Wait Until You Smell the Inside of This $100 Tauntaun Sleeping Bag!” but I refuse to give in. And frankly, you don’t want this either. A quick google search shows that this joke has been made dozens of times for this very same product. Deals writers before me have jumped on this goof, and they’ll continue to long after I am dead. Would you even buy this if I wrote an entire article implying that this comfortable sleeping bag smelled terrible? Really think about it! In any case, you can buy this sleeping bag and not smell it if you want.

There’s a good chance that your house’s floors have seen a bit more gunk after nearly a year of quarantine. It’s an unfortunate side effect of spending more time walking all over the place, but it’s not entirely hopeless. With the right broom or vacuum, you can get your floors looking spiffy again in no time. They’re not the cheapest option, but robovacs will provide the most low-effort experience if you’re not too keen on spending your Saturdays gathering all the crumbs, or you have other priorities.

Right now, eufy’s BoostIQ RoboVac 30C is down to $180 at Amazon when you clip the coupon and use code eufyHome1 at checkout. It can connect to Alexa or Google Assistant, and its battery should last up to 100 minutes according to eufy. This is $70 off the usual price we’ve seen lately and $120 off the list price.

Sometimes, we just see a deal that we have no choice but to post. This is one of those deals. You can get a Dragon Ball Z Popcorn Maker for $30 at GameStop. That’s right, folks. You can pop corn inside of that big Dragon Ball and then use it as a service dish. This presents a key chance to make some Dragon Ball jokes, so you know we’re going to take them. Gags like “You can cook your popcorn for over 9,000 minutes” (don’t do that). Or perhaps a one-liner about how this will spend multiple days charging up its power before actually cooking your popcorn (it doesn’t do that, it makes popcorn at a normal rate of time). Maybe I’ll just say “Goku” as a joke and call it a day. Either way, you can cook popcorn inside of a Dragon Ball for $30. Goku.

Saving food is probably at the top of your list because it helps reduce waste for the environment, and it helps you keep more money in your wallet. Those are two pretty important things if you ask me. Achieving those in one item, all the better. Right now, take $17 off the Geryon Vacuum Sealer Machine and achieve those aforementioned goals.

Not only will you save money, but you’ll save time in food prep making meals faster and easier. Save the disappointment of freezer-burned food too. All you need to do is plug this in and read the simple buttons. It’s easy to pick between the dry option for solid food items or the moist option to keep steamed or simmered meals at peak deliciousness. These vacuum sealers help with preservation and are superior in every way to ziplock bags or Tupperware. This sealer fits up to twelve-inch width bags and rolls. You will get five of these bags to start. The best part of those bags? They are reusable. Kind to the earth and kind to your wallet.

This item will ship for free for Prime members.

If your New Year’s resolution was to maintain a cleaner home, there’s still time to get on track. Start with purchasing a robot vacuum, specifically the iRobot Roomba i6+ while it’s on sale for a 31% discount in Amazon’s limited-time Gold Box sale. While it didn’t make the cut in our roundup of the best robot vacuums of 2021, its budget-friendly sibling—the Roomba i3+—did, and was featured in Gizmodo’s Coolest Gadgets of 2020 end-of-year buyer’s guide.

Unlike the i3+, the i6+ brings the same smart mapping functionality boasted by its higher-end counterparts, allowing the device to learn the layout of your home and schedule cleanings accordingly by room. This is the most affordable Roomba option for anyone buying a robot vacuum for its technological autonomy. It also features automatic dust disposal, dumping its findings into a bin connected to the charging station so you don’t have to empty it as often.

Because it’s compatible with both Google Assistant and Alexa, you can command the iRobot Roomba i6+ with your voice to tell it things like “vacuum immediately, minion!” to which it will respond by begrudgingly following orders and eliminating all the cat and dog hair from your house or apartment floors using a high-efficiency filter. In fact, you can add Amazon’s new Echo Dot smart speaker to your purchase for just $10 more right now. Double bargain!

It’s also compatible with the Braava Jet M6 which, when paired, mops your floors after the Roomba goes over it with a quick sweep. Never subject yourself to cleaning floors again, and instead focus on all the other horrors of life, or just sit down and play a darn video game because you deserve a break every now and then.

Looking to keep a watchful eye on your house? Amazon currently has an excellent deal on Eufy’s 2K indoor security camera, which is just $30 after applying a coupon. You’re getting a lot of features for that low price. This camera uses AI that will automatically notify you when there’s excessive noise happening in your house. It’ll also start recording as soon as movement happens and send you a notification. There’s two-way audio built into it, so you can talk to whoever is on the other end of the camera. That means that it’s not just good for general security, but for childcare as well. That’s only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this camera can do. Add in night vision, customization options, pet detection and more and you’ve got a robust security solution that’ll keep your home safe.

As much of the US is blanketed in snow, warmer weather may seem years away. A quintessential part of sunny temperate skies is the summer cookout. If you just can’t wait, bring the experience indoors with Power XL’s Smokeless Grill, now 33% off.

Don’t worry about lugging around propane or chiseling burnt bits any longer. This smokeless grill has a non-stick surface for all your favorites to make mouthwatering with little to no mess. They even designed this grill with the classic cross-hatch “X” marks so each delicious item looks fresh from an authentic barbeque. This also helps distribute the heat evenly and ensures thorough cooking each use. This countertop grill was also designed to keep smoky air to a minimum, so no fear of making your home smell like Famous Dave’s. Keep all the BBQ flavor for your meats and veggies without overheating it or the room. The LED panel is easy to read and control. The removable plate makes clean up effortless. You can even pop it in the dishwasher. Get high heat within seconds of firing this up and bring that authentic char-grilled taste to every meal. This also comes with a sixty-day warranty.

This will ship for free.

Like a great many other products, Amazon has gotten into the business of making and selling its own dog food called Wag. It’s well-reviewed by customers and nutritional analysis suggests that it’s well balanced for health, with a lean protein as the first ingredient and no major red flags throughout the rest of the list.

If your dog already digs Wag or you’re looking to trial a new dog food, you can save 40% right now on an array of varieties and sizes, as well as Wag’s jerky treats and dental chews. Compare it to what you’re feeding your pup right now: it might be cheaper and/or healthier, and you can do a Subscribe & Save order to have it delivered regularly with an added discount.

It’s the season for your car’s battery to randomly die because of the cold weather. It’s ok, and it’s absolutely normal, but you should be prepared! This HULKMAN 20,000mAh Jump Starter may be your best bet. Formatted with a large digital screen, you’ll be able to tell when your car battery is 100% charged. This charger can power up huge, 10L diesel trucks with 2000 amps. And after one hour of charge in any kind of outlet, you’ll get multiple boosts. I don’t know you guys, it sounds like a dream. Get it before its gone!

A rotary tool might be one of the handiest tools you keep around your home, as the versatile little device can be used for drilling, sanding, cutting, polishing, engraving, and more. Tacklife’s rotary tool kit is well-reviewed by Amazon customers (4.5 stars) and much cheaper than the brand name Dremel version.

Right now, it’s 50% off the list price—just $20—when you clip the coupon on the page and drop in promo code MGUEO56O at checkout. This 32,000RPM rotary tool has an upgraded universal keyless drill chuck and ergonomic design, and comes with more than 100 accessories in the case, including four attachments. Whether for repairs or crafting, you could get a lot of use out of this affordable little tool.

Valentine’s Day has come and gone. If you aren’t betrothed, we feel ya. 2020 was a rough year for romance. Our pals at Ella Paradis want you to remain strong and love yourself. So stop messaging that baddie from your past. Better Love’s Don’t Text Your Ex vibe is pretty, powerful, and worth every penny, just like you. This price will hold until the end of the week. No code needed.

This heart-shaped toy is 80% off to celebrate a month of self-love. Engage in some good old-fashioned positive vibes with zero regrets. You can’t make calls if your hands are busy, and Better Love is very good at making sure our hands are full. Take the time to make sure your needs are met and it’s consistent and reliable attention. Expect about an hour of playtime, but it’s easy to charge up and approve watersports. There’s ten vibes mode, and it’s user-friendly. Games are played on your terms, you’re totally in control, and you’re never disappointed.

I’m so proud of you for still wearing a mask; it’s super cool of you. But do you need an upgrade or maybe something a little more heavy-duty? Or maybe you just want to put your mind at ease with something a smidge more protective? Grab 60 of the KN95 masks from Meh right now for just $29.

These are industry-standard, which means they are supposed to filter 95 percent of particles. That is just about as good as you can get. So the mask obviously doesn’t completely eliminate the risk of catching or spreading something, but if you wear it correctly, it still drastically reduces the likelihood. These are also great if you’ve got severe allergies or asthma and protect against pollen, dander, and whatnot. The KN-95 isn’t made for clinical environments, not that you’re performing surgery with these, but they will definitely protect you and others against what is currently out there. Not all heroes wear capes, but they do wear masks. So thank you.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on Meh before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many.

At least until everyone is able to get the vaccine, life is pretty bleak right now. So I wouldn’t blame you for indulging in some much-need legal cannabis. Hell, I know I am. Whether you’re a first-time or a long-time consumer, Sunday Scaries’ Side Piece bundle is a great place to start. Starting at just $50 for a subscription, or $69 for a one-time purchase, using our exclusive promo code KINJA25, you can finally fetch the chill time you’ve been hankering for. Chill out on the couch with a good book, watch old episodes of The Simpsons on Disney+, or hell, try yoga for the first time—without the doom and gloom of the world weighing you down.

The Side Piece bundle comes with a bottle of the company’s signature CBD gummies and an oil tincture to sweeten the deal. Mix the latter into your coffee or tea, with a little whole milk or butter to help it dissolve. Sunday Scaries is the de-facto CBD brand in my opinion, and I’m sure a decent chunk of its 158,000 Instagram followers would be inclined to agree. Whereas many unsafe substances will make you feel groggy in the morning, CBD is more of a supplement than a vice, helping a lot of users mitigate their anxiety without killing their motivation to stay active.

I know I’ve had some distressing mental health episodes where cannabinoids came in clutch. Maybe it’s a placebo effect, or maybe there’s something to it. LDN CBD’s Aaron Horn seems to think so, courtesy of The Guardian:

CBD will change culture. People are less interested in drinking in bars getting really drunk, feeling like shit the next day, letting their body down, having issues with their body because of that. The shift is happening: more people are interested in eating healthier, living healthier, and this is part of that.

Work out while running errands, walking the dog, and even doing chores around the house with today’s fitness deal: a ZELUS 20 lb. weighted vest.

You could also, you know, use it to add extra resistance to your workout like it’s intended. It even has a handy pocket for holding your phone or money for when you eventually stop for (hopefully takeaway— still a pandemic, ya’ll) coffee.

You can grab it for $45 when you apply promo code 68XIFTLQ at checkout.

If 20lbs. is too much for you, there are lighter options. Unfortunately, to promo code won’t work on them, just to save you some time from trying. If you can handle the twenty-pounder though, today’s your lucky day!

Huckberry is at it again, and while it might not include white Vans, the multifaceted outdoor gear-slash-clothing-slash-home decor-slash kitchenware-slash [insert product category here] retailer is kicking off its annual winter sale with a bang. In it, you can find best-sellers like the Proof Rover highlander jacket, Dolomite boots, a Wellen vintage tie-dye pullover, Proof Nomad pants, and so much more. Losing track of time? Who isn’t. The (Coca-)Cola tinged HB x Timex Sport watch is over $60 off. Need a throw blanket to keep you warm at night? There’s a nap for that.

At my own request, I got a few things from Huckberry over the holidays, including a Flint and Tinder American Made flannel I’m wearing right now. While that particular shirt isn’t on sale, plenty of Flint and Tinder items are on sale, and I can vouch for their comfort. If you’ve been looking to refresh your wardrobe for the extended winter, as predicted by our good friend Punxsutawney Phil, this is one sale you don’t want to miss. In a world where high-quality apparel from retailers like Huckberry is vastly overshadowed by the rapidly decaying products of fast fashion, it’s important to take advantage of limited-time discounts that make shopping for that fresh fit a little more affordable than the typical intimidating list prices.

We just covered the benefits and tastiness of numerous Apple Cider Vinegar gummies. The benefits of ACV have been discussed for years, and as more information emerges, it becomes less an object of folklore medicine. While there is no definitive clinical evidence, millions swear by it. This pack from CleverLifeRX gives you two bottles for just $14. This is a great deal for 120 organic gummies that can help boost metabolism and increase your energy levels. And taste much better than ingesting the source directly.

If you’ve read a few of our pieces on SideDeal before and you like what you’ve seen, they offer a $5 monthly fee to get free shipping on all of your orders, no matter how many. Otherwise, it’s a flat rate of $8.

Plenty of time left in the chilly months to buy some stylish winter wear. Our pals at JACHS do it better than most. Right now, grab any two winter items for just $50 with the code 2W50. There are fifty-six pieces to pick from, so you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

I love the look of these sherpa-lined trucker jackets ($29). There’s something a little classic, a little vintage but very stylish about them. The stretch corduroy fabric comes in olive green color and will keep you very toasty when temperatures drop.

Puffer Jackets are also included in this winter deal. Ride the frosty times out in style and save 81% while doing so. These jackets are warm, durable, and look dang good.

Free shipping on orders over $100.

Winter is here, just like the Starks said. A good way to prevent chapped lips is to get a lip balm that really works. From personal experience, Jack Black Lip Balm is the truth. It has a natural mint flavor that gives you a satisfying tingle when applied and will last for the majority of the day without having to re-apply. Plus, a three-pack is $22, which is on the more expensive side, but I promise you won’t use the other two for at LEAST a couple of months. Think of it as an investment against ashy lips.

In 2020, my New Year’s resolution was to only refer to the Joker as “The J-Man” whenever I talked about him. I figured it wouldn’t be that hard. How much does one talk about The Joker in a given year? Then the film Joker got nominated for 11 Oscars including Best Picture and my life was ruined for 12 months. It probably wasn’t the worst thing abut 2020, but it was certainly a low point. Anyway, if you love The J-Man as much as I hate him, Comixology is currently holding a giant sale on digital comics featuring the iconic Batman villain. Naturally, that includes some of the most memorable (for better or worse) Batman comics out there like A Death in the Family and The Killing Joke. You can grab Batman: The Dark Knight Returns – 30th Anniversary Edition for $7 too, which is a highlight. It’s the Joker, baby! He’s twisted! He’s damaged! He’s an evil clown! People like him! Okay!

Look, there are few things that we all agree on. Political tensions are higher than ever and it’s no exaggeration to say that we’re a divided nation. In a time when we are on the brink of civil war, we need something that can bring us together. And that something is Kirby. Yes, the iconic pink … whatever he is. You know him. You love him. You can show your undying affection for the adorable flesh balloon by grabbing Kirby: Art and Style Collection, a whole coffee table book of cute Kirby art, for just $18. This honestly might be the only thing that can save us from total national collapse. Either that, or it’ll make your coffee table cuter.

Some good boys are in the White House now. They’re making history too. Major will be the first shelter dog to reside at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Pets in the President’s home has a long and storied history. If you’re like me, you’re excited to see the adventures the First Dogs will get up to just as Bo, Buddy, Millie, Checkers, and Fala did before them. Joy McCullough’s brand new storybook gives a little background to the presidential puppers and imagines what life will be like for them in our country’s famous home. Sheyda Abvabi Best beautifully illustrates each page, capturing not only the likeness but personality of the Biden’s loyal duo. Grab 34% off Champ and Major: First Dogs ($7 off for the Kindle) right now.

This is a wonderful gift for dog lovers young and old, or anyone who wants a way to remember this historic return of dogs to our White House.

This book will ship free for Prime members.




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Whether you’re looking to make the jump from another platform, or just upgrade your aging gadget, now’s not a bad time to grab a new smartphone. Between Apple’s relatively-new iPhone 12 lineup and Samsung’s new Galaxy S21 lineup, there’s plenty of options to choose from.

If you’re eager to grab one of Samsung’s new phones, they’re all on sale over at Amazon this week. The Galaxy S21, which typically retails for $800 for the 128GB model, is $100 off. It features a 6.2″ display with a resolution of 2,400 x 1,080 and a 120Hz refresh rate. That’s a pretty good deal, but you can also get 256GB model for the same price, but there’s a bit of a delay in shipping.

Meanwhile, the Galaxy S21+ is down from $1,000 to $800 for the 128GB model. That phone features a 6.7″ display and the same resolution and refresh rate as the S21. Both have 8GB of RAM as well as Qualcomm’s latest Snapdragon 888 processor and 5G radio support. On the back, both phones have a three-camera setup featuring a 12-megapixel wide-angle lens, a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens, and a 64-megapixel telephoto lens. As with the standard S21, the S21+’s 256GB model is down to the same price, $800, though there’s a longer delay in shipping there, as well.

On the higher end lies the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is down from $1,200 to $1,000 for the 128GB model. For your money, you’ll get a 6.8″ 3,200 x 1,440 OLED display with a refresh rate of 120Hz, 12GB of RAM, up to 512GB of storage, and a 5,000mAh battery. The Ultra packs four lenses into its camera module, including a 108-megapixel lens, two 10-megapixel telephoto lenses (with 3x and 10x zooms), and a 12-megapixel ultrawide lens.

Thanks to quarantine, lots of us have picked up new hobbies. For me, it’s been leaning into my doodling, catching up on my game queue, and honing my green thumb. For others, it’s been photography. A decent smartphone will do the trick, but when you’re ready to step things up, you’ll want a good mirrorless camera.

The Sony a7 III, ranked tops overall in our roundup of the best digital cameras, is $300 off today at Amazon. At $1,698 even with that discount, you’re paying a hefty price, but for your money you’re getting a 24.2MP sensor, impressive autofocus, reliable battery life, and a wide array of attachable lenses to suit whatever your needs may be.

If you’re running out of space on your Nintendo Switch or have another microSD-supporting device that’s increasingly tight on storage, here’s a bargain for you. Right now, Amazon is offering this meaty 400GB SanDisk Ultra microSDXC memory card for a mere $45.

That’s a huge chunk of storage for a smartphone, camera, or Switch, and is a few bucks lower than this card has been hovering at lately. Not bad for a card that launched at $250 a couple years back!

Razer’s Kiyo Pro Is a Webcam Designed to Make You Look Good in Bad Light

Illustration for article titled Razer's Kiyo Pro Is a Webcam Designed to Make You Look Good in Bad Light

Photo: Sam Rutherford

Webcams are a hot commodity these days, and if your laptop’s built-in cam isn’t doing you any favors, Razer’s new Kiyo Pro promises to make you look good even in bad lighting.

The $200 Kiyo Pro is taking aim at popular premium webcams like Logitech’s Brio and SteamCam, among others, but also has a few major upgrades from Razer’s older webcam.

The biggest change is that unlike the standard $100 Kiyo, the Kiyo Pro doesn’t feature a built-in ring light. Instead, Razer upgraded the Kiyo Pro with a larger 1/2.8-inch full HD CMOS Sony Starvis backside illuminated sensor, which has been tweaked to deliver improved image quality even in harsh conditions like low light or a backlit background. The end goal for the Kiyo Pro is to deliver solid image quality without the need for additional lighting.


The Kiyo Pro connects to your computer via USB-C to USB-A cord.

The Kiyo Pro connects to your computer via USB-C to USB-A cord.
Photo: Sam Rutherford

The Kiyo Pro can capture video at up to 1080p/60 fps or 1080p/30fps with HDR for improved color and exposure. The webcam also offers three fields of view: 80 degrees, 90, degrees, or 103 degrees. And for audio, the Kiyo Pro also comes with a 16-bit stereo mic with an omni-directional polar pattern, which seems fine for general use, but isn’t really meant to replace a high-quality external stand mic.

While I haven’t had a chance to fully test out the Kiyo Pro just yet, I do have to say I like its design. It’s simple and surprisingly understated in a way that should work for both gamers and folks who work from home, and it comes with a detachable stand that can be used to prop up the Kiyo Pro on a desk or on the back of a monitor. I also appreciate that Razer included two tripod mounts for additional flexibility: one on the bottom of the camera itself, and another on the bottom of the detachable stand.

There’s one tripod thread on the bottom of the camera itself, and another on the bottom of the Kiyo Pro’s included stand.

There’s one tripod thread on the bottom of the camera itself, and another on the bottom of the Kiyo Pro’s included stand.
Photo: Sam Rutherford


Razer even throws in a plastic lens cover, which is nice, but I have to admit, it seems a bit like an afterthought. Unlike privacy shutters, which are becoming increasingly common on new laptops, the Kiyo Pro’s cover is closer to what you’d get on a DSLR or mirrorless camera, and when you remove it, there isn’t really anywhere to store it, so it ends up being extra clutter on your desk. I wish Razer had made the cover so that it flipped up or behind the camera when not in use.

Video from the Kiyo did look to be slightly sharper and more colorful in my early testing than the Logitech Brio I’ve been using for the last year. Razer said it specifically designed the Kiyo Pro to handle more gamer-style environments, including setups with RGB lighting, but I haven’t been able to compare quality across a number of different lighting conditions just yet.


Since people probably won’t move their webcams around a lot, I think it would have been nice if the Kiyo Pro’s lens cover had a way of attaching to the webcam, instead of being two separate pieces.

Since people probably won’t move their webcams around a lot, I think it would have been nice if the Kiyo Pro’s lens cover had a way of attaching to the webcam, instead of being two separate pieces.
Photo: Sam Rutherford

Logitech still dominates when it comes to higher-end webcams, but it’s good to see a competitive alternative from Razer. Many jobs are expected to transition permanently to partial remote work post-pandemic, so it’s probably time for a lot of people to start considering upgrading from the panic placeholder gadgets they bought last year.


The Razer Kiyo Pro is available online today direct from Razer for $200, with additional availability from third-party retailers sometime before the end of Q1.

Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast

Illustration for article titled Entire California School Board Resigns After Chewing Out Parents on Accidental Zoom Broadcast

Photo: Olivier Douliery (Getty Images)

It’s hard to believe that almost a year into the pandemic pushing everything virtual, there are people still struggling to get the hang of Zoom. And yet here we are.

All members of a northern California school board have resigned after being caught deriding parents in a profanity-laden Zoom meeting they didn’t realize was being broadcast to the public. The district’s superintendent Greg Hetrick announced their resignations in a statement released Friday apologizing for the incident, which has gained the Oakley Union Elementary School District nationwide attention and widespread criticism.


The embarrassing hot mic moment at the board’s Wednesday evening meeting involved Hetrick, former board president Lisa Brizendine, and trustees Kim Beede, Erica Ippolito, and Richie Masadas, as seen in a series of recorded clips shared on Twitter by NBC News Bay Area reporter Bigad Shabad. While waiting for the meeting to start, the board members begin ranting about letters and social media posts from parents criticizing ongoing school closures amid the covid-19 pandemic.

“It’s unfortunate they want to pick on us because they want their babysitters back,” Brizendine said. Another member joked that parents just want their kids out of the way so they can go back to smoking pot in their homes.

“My brother had a delivery service for medical marijuana and his clientele were parents with their kids at school,” Masadas said.

Superintendent Hetrick mentioned a new technology employed by a fellow district that could cut off public comments when a person’s allotted time runs out, a suggestion the others welcomed a bit too enthusiastically.


“Are we alone,” Beede asked at one point, not realizing the broadcast was live, before launching into a tirade about a particular parent who chastised her on social media for attending a party shortly after declaring that it still wasn’t safe to return to in-person learning.

“Bitch if you’re going to call me out, I’m going to fuck you up,” she said as the other members laugh.


Ironically, amid all the trash-talking, at one point Masadas waves these parents off as keyboard warriors, noting that “it’s easy to hide behind a screen but when you’re face to face with people it’s a whole different ball game.”


Also captured on video was the moment of horrifying realization when the board learns they’re on a live feed. Apparently, someone forgot to check the Zoom meeting’s privacy settings. “Uh-oh,” Beede said after reading a comment that the broadcast is open to the public. She quickly informs the others and within seconds the meeting switches to private.

In the immediate fallout, Brizendine stepped down as president and apologized for her “callous” remarks. Beede, Ippolito, and Masadas also resigned after a petition calling for their termination gained nearly 7,000 signatures. The trustees apologized in a joint statement shared by the superintendent:

“We deeply regret the earlier comments that were made in the meeting of the Board of Education earlier this week. As trustees, we realize it is our responsibility to model the conduct that we expect of our students and staff, and it is our obligation to build confidence in District leadership; our comments failed you in both regards, and for this we offer our sincerest apology.”


County education board members will hold down the fort until a new Oakley Union Elementary School District board can be seated. Hopefully, whoever they get to replace them will know how to work Zoom—or at least manage to avoid showing their whole ass on a live feed.

Apple Wants Valve To Hand Over A Bunch Of Steam Info For Its Fight With Epic

Illustration for article titled Apple Wants Valve To Hand Over A Bunch Of Steam Info For Its Fight With Epic

Screenshot: Valve

Epic Games’ legal battle against Apple over App Store fees continues to drag on into ever weirder and more esoteric fronts. The latest development? Apple is actively trying to subpoena years of in-depth sales information from Valve about all of the games listed on Steam, in order to show that Epic has plenty of other places to ply its Fortnite wares.

“Apple and Valve have engaged in several meet and confers, but Valve has refused to produce information responsive to Requests 2 and 32,” reads a new joint discovery letter spotted by PC Gamer that was filed earlier this week. Request 2 includes complete annual data like sales, revenue, and other financial information from “total yearly sales of apps and in-app products.” Request 32 is a complete list of every app on Steam, the years it was available, and what it was priced at. You know, just a quick look at the life-blood of Valve’s business.

The root issue in the ongoing dispute between Epic and Apple is whether the latter has a monopoly-like position within the world of smartphone app distribution, and as a result is abusing that position to levy unfair and unreasonable commissions on all the apps sold through its platform. To try to prove that the App Store is not monolithic and Epic has other options, Apple wants to collect data from other competitors to show that the Fortnite maker can do just fine elsewhere.


“Valve admits that the information requested exists in some undisclosed, readily accessible format, but generically claims it won’t produce the information because it is confidential or too burdensome to gather in the manner Apple requested,”Apple’s side of the joint statement reads. Valve already did supply Apple with some information, but the iPhone manufacturer decided it was insufficient. It’s now calling on the court to compel the digital gaming storefront to comply, as it had done previously with Samsung.

“As this Court recognized with respect to Samsung, this information is ‘relevant to showing the extent of competition’ among digital distribution platforms available to distribute Fortnite, including the Apple App Store,” Apple argues. However, the Samsung Galaxy Store is nowhere near as big a marketplace as either the App Store or Steam.

For its part, Valve maintains that getting all this info to Apple would both be a lot of work, since unlike Samsung it’s a privately held company and doesn’t engage in the same detailed level of record keeping, and also that Steam has nothing to do with the larger pissing contest. “Somehow, in a dispute over mobile apps, a maker of PC games that does not compete in the mobile market or sell ‘apps’ is being portrayed as a key figure,” reads its portion. “It’s not.” (Valve seems to have forgotten that it released the auto-battler Dota Underlords last year on both iOS and Android).


I don’t necessarily buy this argument that Valve is just a side-player in these ongoing discussions about market monopolies, but it’s also extremely entertaining to watch the virtual hat seller get snippy with the ninth largest company in the world. We’ll see what the court ultimately decides.

Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Illustration for article titled Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Screenshot: Bramble

Being a teacher is rough. Being a teacher trying to teach a class of more than 20 students virtually in the middle of a pandemic is even rougher. Not only do you have to come up with clever ways to teach the same material and keep your class engaged, but you often find yourself troubleshooting your students’ tech issues at the same time. Not gonna lie, Zoom, while easy to use, isn’t exactly the most fluid nor exciting tool for recreating the classroom environment over the internet. It’s not fun. And learning should be fun.

Bramble is everything Zoom is not. It’s a video-conferencing service that lets you control flat, MMO-like avatars in themed environments, which mimic the experience of socializing in a physical space. The best part about it is that it requires almost no technical skills to use—and students will probably love it.

Bramble wasn’t originally created for a classroom environment, but rather as a virtual performance environment for artist and musicians to share anything creative in a social space.


“Bramble was originally built for our performance community,” co-founder Vladic Ravich tells me as we roam around a virtual lobby with a red carpet, couches, and tables.

To the right of the screen, Bramble captures our faces using our webcams. To the left are our avatars, which we can change with a single click. One moment I’m a neon-colored bird. The next, I’m a cyclops jellyfish.

Artery, the performance community Ravich tells me about, was created to help facilitate intimate performances in real life. But that suddenly became impossible thanks to the covid-19 pandemic. Standard video conferencing platforms like Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom were a good solution for businesses, but not necessarily for creative communities. So, Artery created Bramble from the ground up to keep the DNA of its company alive in a virtual gathering space—to put some humanity into the experience of socializing online, as Ravich puts it. That result is Bramble, which almost feels like you’re playing an online game with your friends.

Illustration for article titled Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Screenshot: Bramble


As we wander, Ravich tells me to move my avatar away from our small group. Their faces and voices slowly fade away until I can no longer see or hear them. I’m on the other side of the lobby, alone. As I rejoin the group, they slowly appear again until I can see and hear them fully—just like moving to and away from a group of people in real life. From a teaching perspective, it’s like telling students to form small groups and work on a project. They can be autonomous and decide where in the world they want to work, rather than having the teacher manually create breakout rooms in Zoom and place each student into one. Not only is that time-consuming, but it’s not nearly as fun.

“There’s communication and there’s gathering and socializing, and they’re not the same thing. One is a piece of the other,” Ravich says.


By allowing everyone to select personal avatars and giving them the agency to move around in the same space and explore what’s around them, it creates a much more relaxed environment, which encourages gathering and socializing—just like in a video game, which Ravich says was a major source of inspiration for Bramble’s design.

“The fundamentals of [Bramble] is agency. Letting somebody be able to talk to whoever they want to talk to, meet new people, and have some serendipity,” Ravich says.


Bramble has several different worlds, all created by in-house artists, which range from a snowy winter wonderland to a cozy campfire surrounded by pine trees. But the world we’re in at the moment is the “trippy” world. It’s all rainbow neon colors, geometric shapes, and dedicated rooms to host smaller events within the larger virtual world. The idea for this world came from Bramble’s collaboration with the House of Yes for its Halloween event last year.

Illustration for article titled Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Screenshot: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo, Bramble


We leave the lobby and enter the main room, which has a giant DJ station in the middle pumping out music. Here Ravich starts to tell me about Bramble’s more granular features. You can embed any YouTube playlist into the DJ station and it will play every song from beginning to end. The closer you are to the speakers, the louder the music gets, just like moving closer to the stage in real life.

From there we move to the right of the main room, toward two geometric domes. One is labeled as a performance space, and the other is a viewing space. The viewing space has three different screens inside of it, and each link up with a YouTube video just like the DJ station so you can host three different films at once. The performance space has a stage with a purple spotlight at the front. Whoever stands in the spotlight is the only one who can be seen and heard in the entire room. Everyone else in the room is automatically muted and their video feeds disappear. Open-mic poetry performance, anyone?


On the other side of the main room, there’s a small balcony where anyone can go to chill out or talk in more private, quieter setting. These types of areas were a lifeline in my clubbing days when I needed a break from the constant stream of activity.

Beyond creative events, one of Bramble’s next focuses is schools, and part of that entails how to make each world more customizable for the user, or “world-owner.” How can it be used to make it feel more like a classroom in a virtual environment? Bramble shared a few classroom examples with me, but part of being in a classroom environment is seeing the walls decorated with posters, student projects, whiteboards, etc.


“Personalizing your world is the next big set of features that are coming up,” Ravich says.

Illustration for article titled Bramble Is the Video-Conferencing Platform I Wish Existed at the Start of the Pandemic

Screenshot: Joanna Nelius/Gizmodo, Bramble


Excited to try Bramble out with my own students, I let them loose in the winter wonderland world. Some found a cozy spot in the lodge or library to write. Others wandered around in groups. While not every one of my students were able to experience Bramble due to their internet connection, the ones that did seemed to enjoy the break from boring ol’ Zoom.

Socio-emotional awareness has become a big talking point in schools since the start of the pandemic, and something like Bramble has that built into the core functions of its platform, which makes it a great option for teachers to use with their virtual classes.


Bramble is still in early access, and there are bugs to work out, but it feels pretty robust and stable even now. The possibilities with it seem endless.

Leaks Suggest New ‘Galaxy Book Pro’ Windows Laptops with S-Pens Are on the Way

New leaks suggest that Samsung is planning to release two new Galaxy Book Pro laptops as a possible follow up to last year’s Galaxy Book Flex (pictured above).

New leaks suggest that Samsung is planning to release two new Galaxy Book Pro laptops as a possible follow up to last year’s Galaxy Book Flex (pictured above).
Photo: Sam Rutherford

Today, Samsung’s latest Chromebook goes on sale in the Galaxy Chromebook 2, but based on some new leaks, Samsung is planning to release two new Windows laptops with built-in S-Pens.

Based on a new report from Sammobile, the new Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 will be available in both 13 and 15-inch sizes, with the latter model even featuring optional 5G connectivity.

The Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 were first spied about a month ago after receiving BT 5.1 certification from the Bluetooth SIG. Similar to last year’s Galaxy Chromebook, the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro 360 are expected to feature vibrant OLED displays with possible 90Hz refresh rates— components that would definitely help separate Samsung’s new Windows laptops from typical productivity fare.


And in keeping with one goal espoused by Samsung mobile chief TM Roh in a blog post late last year, the Galaxy Book Pro and Galaxy Book Pro will likely come with stylus support via a built-in S-Pen, which means users should get a drawing and notetaking experience similar to what’s available on a Galaxy Note phone. 

Over the past couple of years, Samsung has been making a concerted effort to expand its laptop and PC offerings, with laptops like last year’s Galaxy Book Flex being a nice return to form, and now it seems Samsung is looking to continue that momentum with a new line of Windows laptops.

Unfortunately, there isn’t much info about pricing or a release date. But with Samsung having already applied for and received a number of important certifications, an official launch may not be that far off. And considering its “Pro” branding, with Samsung having launched the Galaxy Book Flex 2 5G at the very end of 2020, these upcoming Galaxy laptops could end up being even more premium systems meant to sit at the top of Samsung’s notebook lineup.

Apple Says It Will Fix Apple Watches That Don’t Charge in Power Reserve Mode for Free

Apple Watch Series 5 devices are displayed in the Apple Marunouchi store on September 20, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.

Apple Watch Series 5 devices are displayed in the Apple Marunouchi store on September 20, 2019 in Tokyo, Japan.
Photo: Tomohiro Ohsumi (Getty Images)

If you’ve got an Apple Watch Series 5 or SE that doesn’t charge after entering Power Reserve mode, Apple will fix it for free.

In a support document published on Monday, Apple said a very small number of customers with these Apple Watch models had experienced this issue. Like its name indicates, Power Reserve is a mode that helps your watch preserve battery life. When this mode is activated, the Apple Watch only shows the current time and a red lightning bolt. Apple Watches in this mode will stop communicating with their corresponding iPhones and other features will not be available.


The Apple Watches affected by this issue were running watchOS 7.2 and 7.3, the company said. Apple has released watchOS 7.3.1, which it says will prevent other Apple Watch Series 5 and SE devices from experiencing this issue. Per 9to5Mac’s interpretation, this means the update will not fix the problem for users who are already experiencing it, but it should prevent other users from going through the same thing.

If you think your Apple Watch could be affected by this bug, Apple explains how you can perform a simple test to find out.

“To check if your Apple Watch is affected by this issue, place your watch on the charger that you normally use, then wait at least 30 minutes,” Apple said. “If your Apple Watch still won’t charge, contact Apple Support to set up a mail-in repair free of charge.”

The company will analyze your watch when you send it in to make sure it’s eligible for the free repair.


Save Up to 60% on Boost Mobile Smartphones, Including $150 off the iPhone SE

Best Tech DealsBest Tech DealsThe best tech deals from around the web, updated daily.

Samsung Galaxy A10e | $50 | Boost Mobile
LG K22 | $60 | Boost Mobile
Samsung Galaxy A11 | $120 | Boost Mobile
Apple iPhone SE | $250 | Boost Mobile

If you’re on the hunt for a new smartphone and don’t want to break the bank, Boost Mobile is offering some big discounts on budget-friendly devices right now. The Samsung Galaxy A10e is the cheapest of the bunch at just $50, packing a good-sized 5.83” 720p screen and modest specs, or you can go larger and crisper with the $60 LG K22, which has a 6.2” 1080p display.

Samsung’s Galaxy A11 delivers more speed at $120 plus has a modern punch-hole camera cutout design for its large 6.4” screen. Still, if you’re willing to spend a bit more, you’ll get the best specs from Apple’s iPhone SE at $250, which has a flagship-quality A13 Bionic processor, a stellar camera, and even wireless charging and water resistance. It’s a smaller phone at 4.7”, however. It’s $150 off the list price right now.


You’ll need to use these phones on Boost Mobile, so if you’re an existing customer or keen on switching and want some fresh hardware in your pocket, jump on one of these bargains!


Apple Maps Will Soon Get Waze’s Best Features

Illustration for article titled Apple Maps Will Soon Get Wazes Best Features

Image: Gizmodo/Apple

Features familiar to the Waze crowd are coming soon to Apple Maps.

Available now for developer and public beta users running iOS 14.5, and rolling out to all users later this spring, the new features will allow passengers and drivers to easily report a speed check, accident, or any kind of hazard they encounter while driving. As the feature is meant to be hands-free for those behind the wheel, users can alert Siri to the incident either with a voice command on their iPhone or, if supported, using CarPlay.

To prompt the assistant, just say, “Hey Siri, report…” followed by the event, whether that be an accident, hazard, speech check, speed trap, or just “incident.” Beta users who have the feature will also be able to say things like, “There’s a crash up ahead,” or, “There’s a speed trap here.” Siri will be able to understand commands like “the hazard is gone” or “clear the accident,” as well, and users can also tell Siri things like, “the accident is still here.”

Beyond the reporting features, Apple Maps is getting a few other changes as well. Apple has added Cycling Routes for Portland and San Diego, which will show users routes with bike-friendly streets, bike paths, and designated bike lanes. (These features are currently available for Los Angeles, San Francisco, and New York City, too.) The tool allows riders to check for things like elevation and busy areas, and Siri can navigate your bike route on an iPhone, Apple Watch, or with AirPods.


Lastly, the company continues to expand on its Guides in Maps, which offer tips on where to hike, eat, shop, and adventure. Apple says Maps now features more than 500 of these curated Guides, but they’re automatically updated with new ones added every week.

The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Apple Watch

Illustration for article titled The Complete Guide to Customizing Your Apple Watch

Photo: Caitlin McGarry/Gizmodo

Apple’s watchOS platform doesn’t have quite as many customization options as other smartwatches, such as those built on Google’s Wear OS, do. But there are numerous ways to make your Apple Watch your own, beyond picking your watch color, size, and strap. Here are the top features to know and how to use them.

The Watch app on your iPhone gives you a few customization options to get started. Tap App View and you can pick between a grid and a list for your apps (shown when you press the digital crown); with a grid, you can also tap Arrangement to get all your apps positioned exactly how you want them.

Then there’s the dock, which you pull up by pressing the side button on your Apple Watch. This shows your most recent apps or up to 10 of your favorite apps. To tell your watch which apps to show, tap Dock in the Watch app for iOS, then choose Recents or Favorites (if you pick the latter, you can select both the apps you want to see and the order they appear in).


Watch faces

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Apple hasn’t yet thrown open the doors to a third-party watch face developer community, but there are a growing number of Apple-approved faces to pick from (for the Apple Watch Series 4 and later, at least). To switch to a new watch face from your actual watch, swipe left or right on the current face to see your options.

If you’ve only just set up your Apple Watch, you won’t actually have many options. You can tap New, and Apple will present a selection of faces for your perusal—swipe up or down on the screen to scroll through them. When you find something you like, tap on a watch face to set it (it’ll also be added to the quick pick list that shows up when you swipe on the current watch face).


You might find it easier to set watch faces from your phone. If you open up the Watch app, you can tap Face Gallery to see all the options available. Here you’ll see not just a choice of faces, but multiple variations of those faces. When you select one, you’ll be able to pick the colors it uses (if available), and the complications that you’ll see (again, if the watch face supports them).

Tap Add on a watch face and it gets added to the My Faces box on the My Watch tab—tap Edit to change the faces that appear in this list. This is the same list that you’ll see if you swipe on your watch face to see more options—it’s a good idea to have the faces you use most often stored here, for easy access. Tapping any of these shortlisted faces in the app on your phone takes you to the customization screen, where you can also choose to Set as current Watch Face or Remove Watch Face.


Once you’ve got a few watch faces in the My Faces gallery, you can swipe across your watch screen to flick between them. You do have to press and hold if you want to share a watch face look that you’re particularly keen on, because that’s where you’ll find the share button, in the lower left corner.

Watch complications

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Some watch faces have complications, which are little shortcuts that lead to apps or features, or panels that show information in real time. Again, you can change these complications from your watch or from your phone. To do it on the wearable, tap and hold the watch face, then choose Edit. You’ll see color options first, and you can then swipe left to see the options for complications.

Tap on any of the available complications to change it to something else, then scroll using the digital crown to make your selection. Your choice will depend on what type of complication it is and what apps you’ve got installed—take your pick and then press the digital crown twice to get back to the watch face display again.


As with watch faces, this is something that’s probably easier to set from the Watch app on your iPhone. You can tap on any face in My Faces or on the Face Gallery tab to get to the complications, which are then straightforward to scroll through. Some watch faces will have more complications than others, and while you won’t be able to rearrange them on the screen, you can turn certain ones off if you want.

If you feel like you need more complications to play around with, look for iPhone apps that also have decent Apple Watch apps and complications included. You can get music complications with Spotify, weather complications with Carrot Weather, note complications with Bear, and travel complications with Citymapper, for example. Some complications display information, while others allow interaction.


It is possible to create your own complications, to an extent, using the same tools that developers use. The best option we’ve found so far is Watchsmith, which lets you create complications covering the weather, the time and date, astronomy and more, and which also has options for changing complications depending on the time.

Other tweaks

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There are a few other ways that you can customize the appearance of what you see on your Apple Watch. If you pick Display & Brightness from inside the Watch app on your iPhone, for example, you can adjust the brightness of the screen, turn the Always On feature on or off (if it’s available), change the size of the text on the Apple Watch screen, and make that text bold if you want to. You can also make these changes in the Settings app on the watch itself.

One way to completely personalize your Apple Watch is to set your own photo as your watch face. If you open the Photos app on your watch, then select an image and tap the little watch icon in the lower left-hand corner, you can apply the picture as your background—either as a simple image or in a kaleidoscope effect.


This is basically the idea behind Facer too, which showcases custom designs created by other people—not third-party watch faces, but different backgrounds and complication combinations that people want to show off. If a watch face you select uses a complication from an app you don’t have installed, you’ll be prompted to install it.

It doesn’t take too much effort to create background images specifically for the Apple Watch in your favorite image editor of choice, either. All you need to do is look up the resolution of the screen of your Apple Watch and leave room for the digital clock face that Apple slaps on top (if you pick a kaleidoscope effect, you get the analog hands, but there’s no way to choose specifically).


Finally, it’s also worth mentioning Apple’s Shortcuts app. If you get the app running on your smartwatch, then you can launch compatible actions right from your wrist, and even set them as complications on your watch faces. It’s another way of creating custom complications—in this case set to launch shortcuts that you find useful.